Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Bahu Begum Lookups

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan and Bahu Begum Lookups Nia and Amber miss each other and try hard to live. Nia talks to him while going to the office. Guneet tries to take care of Amber and says if something happens to him then she will be troubled. Amber says there is no need to think about me. Guneet asks him not to make her worried and tells that Nia asked her to keep eye on him. Amber looks at her and agrees to her sayings. Later Ghanshyam brings KK to Amber’s house and rings the doorbell. Amber opens the door. Guneet to see KK and identify him. Amber’s anger starts melting for Guneet as she takes care of him on Nia’s sayings. Nia to fall in love with the new guy who entered her life. Amber and Guneet’s life gets a new start while they find a companion in each other.

Bahu Begum: Azaan is bankrupt and auctions everything to pay the debts. He misunderstands Noor and holds her responsible for the turmoil in his life. Everything gets sold out in front of his eyes. Razia is in a coma and hears everything. The house is about to auction, but just then Noor comes there in the car and buys the house for 1500 crores shocking Azaan. Noor’s entry to shock Azaan and others.

Meri Gudiya:
Madhuri meets with a deadly attack while plans a day out with her daughter Avi. She is a very protective mother. She wants to always protect Avi from the evil forces. She proves her love for Avi by returning to her. Madhuri dies, but her soul wanders. Her soul reaches Avi and enters the doll to always be with Avi. Avi shares her emotional low with her doll, unaware that the doll has Madhuri’s soul in it. The doll smiles, cries and plays with Avi.



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