Shakti Leap Kundali Bhagya Quick Reminders

Shakti Leap Kundali Bhagya Quick Reminders

Shakti Leap Kundali Bhagya Quick Reminders Mahi shakes hand with the evil trio to get Heer and make her meet her end. She challenges Preeto that she will get Heer being her mother. Preeto tells Soumya that they have to do open war and will attack from the front, will not be scared anymore. Harak Singh and Preeto’s marriage are going through a rough phase. Preeto gets heartbroken knowing Harak Singh wants to divorce her, but she thinks she can sacrifice anything for Heer. She tells Soumya that they have to fight with all enemies of Heer. Soumya thinks if she shall tell truth to everyone about Heer. The show is going to have a leap soon.

Kundali Bhagya: Mahira doesn’t listen to Sarla’s suggestion and instead insults her. Karan comes to the trial room and sees Preeta. Preeto doesn’t see him and asks him to tie the backside of lace. Karan comes near her. Preeta looks at him and is surprised. They get into an argument again. Kareena meets Sarla and asks if she got a rich guy again for Preeta and that’s why come for shopping.

Sarla says I don’t need to search for any rich groom for her and tells that she is so good that alliances come to her house for her. She says right now her destiny is bad that she got related to your house. Kareena insults Sarla. Sarla sees Karan and tells him that she has been seeing Preeta crying from within. She tells that she is telling the truth and knows how much she is crying. She says that she prays to God that he doesn’t get any happiness and shall cry like Preeta cries daily. Karan feels guilty.

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