Kulfi Kumar Starplus Lovely wants Sikandar to die

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Lovely wants Sikandar to die

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Lovely wants Sikandar to die Sikandar and Kulfi walk in the jungle. They share their music talents. Sikandar tells her about Raag Deepak. He tells that if a singer sings so well that the lamp is lit by their voice, it means he is really blessed. He tells her that its his last wish to sing the Raag Deepak. He makes arrangements to lit fire by his powerful voice. He wants to be true in his vocals. Kulfi also encourages him to fulfill his last wish. He tells that the song is such powerful that it drains the singer’s energy. She asks him to teach her about it. He tries to teach her and puts a lamp in front. The lamp doesn’t lit.

He falls weak and also depressed that the fire isn’t lit. He tells Kulfi that its really tough. He faints down, much to her shock. Kulfi gets worried for him. Lovely recalls Sikandar’s words. She cries and is much upset. Amyra questions her about Kulfi and Sikandar. Lovely doesn’t talk to her. Kulfi takes Sikandar to the hospital. She asks the people to help her. Sikandar falls unconscious. She meets the doctor who could save Sikandar. He tells her that there is no chance of Sikandar’s survival.

She shares her beliefs with him. She asks him to perform the surgery. He tells that there are just one percent chance that he will recover. She tells that she has hundred percent belief. He asks her to get consent first. She calls Lovely and Amyra there. Amyra breaks down knowing about Sikandar’s illness. She scolds Kulfi for hiding such a big thing from her. Sikandar gets conscious. Amyra hugs him and cries. Doctor asks them to think if they want to get the surgery done. Lovely gets selfish again and thinks that Sikandar must die before giving her divorce. She doesn’t want the surgery to be performed to save his life.

Kulfi asks her to give the consent. She wants to get Sikandar’s property and legacy. She hates Sikandar for putting her in such a bad situation. She refuses for the surgery. She feels he has compelled her to take this step. Lovely stays a curse on little Kulfi’s life. She doesn’t change her nature and intentions. She still wishes bad for Sikandar and Kulfi. The father-daughter duo don’t get any moment of peace together. Lovely tells Kulfi that she would not like to take a big risk by getting emotional. She tells that she would like to take Sikandar home rather than putting him at risk of death so soon.

She asks Kulfi and Amyra to spend their time in Sikandar’s last days. Kulfi wanted to try her fate and save Sikandar. Lovely knows that Kulfi is a pure soul and her prayers will be answers. She is sure that Kulfi is a blessed girl. She doesn’t want Kulfi’s beliefs to turn true. She doesn’t want to take that one percent chance to save Sikandar, fearing he will again run after Kulfi and sideline Amyra. She just wants him to die for her own betterment.

Moreover, Kulfi doesn’t realize Lovely’s selfish motives behind her decision of taking Sikandar home. Will little Kulfi find out Lovely’s evil intentions and bring her to task? Will she be able to save Sikandar’s life? Keep reading.

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