Kahaan Hum Nishi shocking revelation stuns Pooja

Kahaan Hum Nishi shocking revelation stuns Pooja

Kahaan Hum Nishi shocking revelation stuns Pooja Sonakshi tries to balance her relations in her in-laws. She is much stressed about Naren, who may react angrily on knowing about her romantic rain dance sequence in her show. She plans the family dinner so that she can keep Naren away from her TV show. Pooja finds Rani hiding a dress. She questions her and learns that Rani got the dress for her. Rani tells that she is ashamed to give the inexpensive dress to Pooja, who just wears branded clothes. Pooja tells her that her gift is most precious for her. He wants to keep the dress and wear it in the family dinner. She hugs Rani. Rani is glad to get her love. The Sippys go for the dinner.

Sonakshi is lost. She misses Rohit. Rohit too misses Sonakshi, but doesn’t make any call to her. She waits for his message. Naren gets to see Netra at the same restaurant. Netra speaks to her friends, who praise Sonakshi and Sumit’s sizzling chemistry. They lady goes to the extent of suspecting Sonakshi and Sumit’s affair. Netra tells that Sonakshi works hard and is a gem at heart, she is loyal to her husband Rohit. The lady jokes that Sonakshi will soon leave Rohit and start an affair with Sumit. Naren fumes on hearing the low comments on his Bahu.

He questions Sonakshi about the rain dance sequence. Sonakshi admits that she did shoot for it. Naren goes home and avoids the family. Veena wants to convince him. Sonakshi asks Veena to advice her about handling the matter. Veena goes to speak to him at home. She finds him watching Sonakshi’s rain dance sequence. She worries on noticing his anger. She explains him that he shouldn’t take Sonakshi’s profession and work in a wrong way. Naren doesn’t like it. She fails to convince him. Nishi and Yash get a surprise from Pooja on their anniversary. Pooja plans the party for them. She borrows Nishi’s saree for Rani.

Nishi is ready to sacrifice anything for Pooja’s sake. She tells Yash that things must be under control, she wants Rani at home to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Sonakshi wants to bake a special cake for Nishi and Yash. She plans the surprise. Veena tells her that Naren is much upset since he had seen the show. She asks Sonakshi to talk to Naren. Sonakshi worries when Naren summons her. Sonakshi plans to apologize to him. She meets Naren and apologizes. Naren tells her that he loves his family, but his family respect more.

He doesn’t want Sonakshi to ruin his family respect by her indecent job. He advises her to quit her work if she wants to remain Sippy Bahu. Sonakshi can’t believe it. Pari fools Suman about her new show assignment. Suman knows that she is hiding something. She wants to inform Sonakshi and get her help in finding Pari’s lie. Pari and Rohan’s affair will soon get caught. Rohit informs Veena that he is stuck in the important surgery. He wants to speak to Sonakshi. He learns Sonakshi is talking to Naren. He wonders what does Naren have to tell her.

A shocker comes for Sonakshi when Nishi reveals the unexpected news that Rani is really dangerous for Pooja. Sonakshi wonders how can Pooja be unsafe with her real mother. Pooja overhears Nishi and questions the same. What will Sonakshi decide about her career? What is Rani’s mystery? Keep reading.

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