Shakti Preeto suicide Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Vidya

Shakti Preeto suicide Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Vidya

Shakti Preeto suicide Gayatri gets a call from the hospital that Maninder is critical. She tells Soumya that she will go and meet her. Soumya insists to meet Maninder. Gayatri says the goons will identify them and it is risky for their lives. Soumya says they will go, but nobody will identify them. She comes to the hospital wearing turban and kurta pajama with Heer, who is also disguised as a Sikh boy.

She walks towards Maninder’s ward when masked Varun aims the gun at Soumya. Soumya gets shocked. Harak takes the huge step to kill Heer. Preeto becomes a shield for Heer. She declares that none can harm Heer until she is alive. She threatens to kill herself if he doesn’t leave Heer. She sets herself on fire, much to Harak’s shock.

Mere Dad ki Dulhan: Guneet gets shocked seeing Ghanshyam bringing KK as the paying guest. She calls Ghanshyam and tells him that KK is the same guy who duped her with 18 lakhs Rs. She asks him to help her nab him. Ghanshyam agrees. Guneet hides from KK until she makes a proper plan to get him arrested. KK walks inside Amber’s house. Amber is about to see him. Guneet gets tensed. Amber’s heart-melting for Guneet as she takes care of him. Nia starts falling for her housemate seeing his unique charm and madness.

Vidya: Jagat reaches Nanku at his godown. Vivek frees Jagat only to follow him. Nanku forces Vidya to marry her. She challenges him to catch her. He asks his men to catch her. She runs away from the men. Vivek comes there in time as her savior. He asks the police to arrest Nanku and his goons. He asks Vidya is she fine. Nanku is very clever. He bashes up Vivek. He doesn’t want to spare Vivek for ruining his plans. Vidya cries for Vivek. Nanku holds some people captive to blackmail Vivek. Nanku challenges Vivek. Vivek smartly rescues Vidya and gets her home. Nanku reveals the shocking truth of Vidya’s illiteracy. Vivek is much shocked and hurt. He confronts Vidya for her life’s biggest truth. He scolds her for hiding the big truth and cheating him.

Kulfi Kumar


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