Yeh Rishta Rocking Shocking Divorce Marriage twist

Yeh Rishta Rocking Shocking Divorce Marriage twist

Yeh Rishta Rocking Shocking Divorce Marriage twist Kartik and Naira spend cute moments while they are very excited for their marriage happening soon. He hugs her and tells that everyone knows they are inseparable. He tells that he doesn’t want to go away. She also wants to be with him. They both share a romantic moment. He tells her that he will get married to her and take her to Goenka mansion. He asks for a kiss. He teases her. He wants the marriage moment to come soon. He wishes that his marriage soon accomplishes and his dreams turn true. Vedika is much upset thinking she has lost Kartik. She gets to hear Goenkas’ plans for Kartik and Naira.

They praise Kartik and Naira’s true love. They compare Naira with Vedika, who failed to keep Kartik happy. Vedika gets hurt on hearing their words. She learns that Dadi has purified her room, as if Dadi wanted to get rid of her since long time. She is much sorrowful that she has zero value in Goenka family. She wants to go away. She doesn’t know her fault in the entire matter. She goes away when she learns that Goenkas are shifting her belongings to the storeroom. She feels the injustice. She wants to fight for her rights. She wants to talk to Kartik once. She goes on the roads and falls in danger.

Kartik rescues Vedika from the speeding car. He asks her if she isn’t in senses. She hugs Kartik and doesn’t want to part ways. He doesn’t like it. She goes to Singhania house. She gets into a huge dilemma over taking divorce from Kartik. She regrets that Goenkas have ousted her from their lives. She wants to call off the divorce so that she hinders Kartik and Naira’s marriage. Kartik leaves a surprise gift for Naira. Naira too gets a gift for him. She wishes that everything gets fine and she unites with Kartik. Vedika decides to keep Kartik with her, even when he doesn’t love her. She is ready to make him compromise his happiness.

She gets selfish. She wants her rights and place back in Goenka house. She wants to show them that she had vacated her place for Naira, which doesn’t mean that she has no value. Later, Kartik and Naira get happy to realize that its their marriage day. Vedika informs Pallavi that she has decided to avoid the divorce hearing. Pallavi motivates her to stick to her decision and not feel guilty. She tells that its Dadi’s mistake to get her married to Kartik and Dadi is doing another mistake now to insult her. Vedika regrets to break Kartik’s dreams. She wants Kartik and Naira’s marriage to get cancelled. Kartik and Naira congratulate each other on their special day.

They feel happy to get a second chance in life all thanks to Kairav, who united them. Kairav tells them that he loves them a lot and wants to witness their marriage. Kartik and Naira plan a secret meet before their marriage. Dadi urges Kartik to finish the divorce formalities soon to get free mind and enjoy his marriage with Naira. Vedika doesn’t reveal her intentions. She acts good and cheats the entire family. Dadi suspects her and wants to accompany them to the court. Vedika drops the important documents at home to delay the proceedings. Naira finds Vedika’s intentional mistake and realizes that Vedika wants Kartik.

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