Kumkum Bhaggya Critical robbery twists upcoming

Kumkum Bhaggya Critical robbery twists upcoming

Kumkum Bhaggya Critical robbery twists upcoming Rhea and Prachi tie up the goon and threaten him. They tell him that they are more dangerous than him. They run away. Vikram learns that Ranbir has gone to the bank. Abhi gets the video from Ranbir. He gets shocked knowing about the robbery in the bank. Vikram and Abhi realize that Ranbir and Rhea are in danger. They worry for their children. Pragya calls up at the office to know about Prachi. She learns that Prachi has gone to the bank. She also gets the video and realizes that Prachi is in danger. She rushes to save Prachi.

Ranbir hides from the robbers and looks for Prachi and Rhea. The robbers keep the people at gun point. The robbers also get the video going viral. They want to find Ranbir and shoot him. Ranbir asks them to spare him. Ranbir gets rid of the evil robbers. He wants to save his friends. The robbers show the viral video to their boss and realize that Ranbir failed their plan. They realize that police will come to the bank soon. He wants to flee with the looted amount. They plan to use Rhea and get away, since Rhea is a rich man’s daughter.

They get Rhea and Prachi at gun point again. Ranbir answers Abhi’s call. He tells Abhi that he is fine and can manage things. Ranbir tells Abhi that Rhea is safe. He asks Vikram not to worry for him. Pragya tries to contact Prachi.

Abhi assures that he will manage things once he reaches there. He is much worried for Rhea. Vikram asks him not to be heroic and get hurt again. Pragya calls Ranbir to know the status. Ranbir tells her that Prachi is safe, he will get Prachi home safely. He promises to protect her. Pragya also assures that she will look after the matter once she reaches. The media and police come there. Inspector regrets that he didn’t take the call serious before. Rhea and Prachi wait for Ranbir. They learn about Ranbir’s video.

The robbers want to kill Ranbir. Prachi and Rhea try to stop them. The robbers say they will loot more money and kill less people. Prachi doesn’t want anything to happen to Ranbir. The robber threatens the inspector and keeps his demand for an assisted escape. He wants information about Rhea. Rhea lies that she isn’t rich. She doesn’t want him to find about anything. She tells that maybe Prachi’s dad is famous. Prachi feels hurt at the mention of her dad. Still, she lies that her dad is famous. She wants to save Rhea. Ranbir runs from the robbers, but gets caught. He fights with them and ends up getting hurt. Prachi tries to protect Rhea.

Ranbir is brought to them. He gets angry that they got him caught. He tells the robbers that he won’t go without Rhea and Prachi. He scolds the robbers for being mannerless and hurting the girls. He gets silly and goes on taunting him. The robbers’ chief threatens to kill him. They decide not to waste time on Ranbir. They ask Ranbir who is the daughter of a rich man, so that they can use that girl to escape. Ranbir, Rhea and Prachi worry. Abhi, Vikram and Pragya come there. They learn the critical state inside the bank. Rhea wants Ranbir to try heroism so that he can save her.

On the other hand, Prachi doesn’t want him to try anything such that gets him under risk. Ranbir hits the robber. Prachi helps him in the fight. The people also protest and take charge, while Rhea runs for her life. Prachi gets injured in the fight. Ranbir takes a stand for her. He vents anger on the robber who injures Prachi. Rhea doesn’t leave and sees his mad rage. Prachi stops Ranbir from his violent move. The police gets inside the bank and arrests the robbers. Prachi cares for Ranbir like a true concerned friend, while Rhea spends time in evaluating their bonding.

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