Yeh Rishtaa Unknown accident twist strikes Kaira

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Yeh Rishtaa Unknown accident twist strikes Kaira Dadi wants Kartik to be at the court on time and not take any risk. The family asks her not to haste and spoil her health. Dadi tells them that she will take Vedika with her so that nothing goes wrong. Vedika does a drama to fool Naira and Singhanias. She doesn’t wake up intentionally and pretends to be sleeping. Naira feels that life can change any time, it can be a bad day for Vedika. Vedika gets upset. Dadi tells the family that they will finish the divorce formalities and then celebrate Kartik’s pre-marriage function.

Dadi gets a foot sprain. She still insists that she will accompany Kartik. The family asks her not to hurt herself and stay back to take some rest. Dadi warns Kartik to not miss the hearing today, else his marriage will get postponed. Kartik assures that he will be marrying Naira today. Kartik goes to meet Naira at Singhania house. Everyone teases him, while he looks for Naira. Vedika doesn’t want Kartik to do wrong with her. She has taken a decision to avoid the divorce. Kartik finds Naira hiding. She tells him that she isn’t looking good and got hidden. He tells that she is just perfect for him. They romance and cherish their moment.

He tells that finally the day has come after many hurdles. He is happy to get her back in his life. He tells that he will get divorced from Vedika and won’t have any problem then. Dadi calls Naksh to know if Kartik and Vedika left for the court. Naksh doesn’t want her to worry. The Goenkas take care of Dadi and lie to her that Kartik is on the way to the court. Manish and Suwarna are also worried for the divorce proceedings. Vedika misleads the family, who reminds him about carrying the important legal documents. Vedika lies to them.

She gets reminded by Pallavi, who wants her to avoid the divorce and get back in Kartik’s life. Kairav wishes Vedika all the best for her big work. He tells that once Kartik and Naira get married, they will get Vedika married to a nice guy. Vedika is worried since she just loves Kartik. Vedika wishes that Kartik accepts her as fate. He throws the divorce papers at home. Naira tells the family that she will get ready for haldi only after Kartik informs her the good news. Gayu asks her not to think negative as if she doesn’t deserve anything good in her fate.

She wants Naira to start celebration and have faith. The family also wants Naira to get ready. They agree with Gayu. Naira finds the divorce papers left by Vedika. She goes to give the papers to Kartik and Vedika. Vedika wants to obstruct Naira. Kartik and Naira get injured while they visit the Dargah and have a meet. They risk their lives to protect each other. Vedika gets hint from the fate that they can’t be separated ever. Will she change her decision and unite them? Keep reading.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala


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