Kahaan Hum Spoiler Sonakshi Shocking decision

Kahaan Hum Spoiler Sonakshi Shocking decision

Kahaan Hum Spoiler Sonakshi Shocking decision Sonakshi gives up on her career. She takes the big decision to quit acting. She tells her decision to Sumit. He asks her not to be scared of anyone. He assures that he will find some alternate solution. She tells him that there is no other way, she isn’t pressurized by her in-laws, but she has to adjust with Sippys in their lifestyle. She is trying a lot to adjust with Sippys. Rohit and Veena support her. Sonakshi doesn’t want Naren to lose his name and reputation because of her work. She chooses her family over her work.

She wants to have a good life with the big family. Sumit asks her to discuss her decision with Rohit. She tells that she has thought about it and has decided well. She wants to give the notice to Netra and quit the show. Rohit doesn’t want Sonakshi to lose her career strengths because of Naren. Rohit makes a shocking revelation that Rani isn’t Pooja’s biological mum, but just a hired artist. He wanted to create a balance by hiding about Pooja’s real biological parents so that Naren’s unpardonable act doesn’t get known to the family.

He knows that the family will shatter when Pooja’s real mother comes into picture. Rohit, Nishi and Yash plan the huge drama to mislead Sonakshi. Sonakshi goes home and tells Veena and Rohit that she will not let anyone insult them again. She doubts on Rani. She wants to expose her. Rohit wants to protect Pooja from her real roots. Rani turns greedy and keeps her demands in front of Nishi. Sonakshi realizes Rani’s truth.

Reviewed Rating for this particular twist: 2/5
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  1. Yes Rohit is trying to save his family name n reputation by hiding pooja s real parents .

    What I feel personally Rohit now should confide in sona who he loved the most after his mom Veena.
    Sona seems to be understanding n matured .She will stand by Rohit s side no matter what .


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