Kumkum Bhagyya Dreamy marriage Ranbir Prachi lined

Kumkum Bhagyya Dreamy marriage Ranbir Prachi lined

Kumkum Bhagyya Dreamy marriage Ranbir Prachi lined Aaliya tells Meera that Rhea doesn’t have his mum. She feels worried for Rhea all the time. Meera understands Aaliya’s concern. Aaliya tells Meera that if she (Aaliya) isn’t alive, she wants to be sure about Rhea. She asks Meera to always support Rhea, even if she thinks Rhea is wrong. She wants Meera to always protect Rhea. Meera promises Aaliya. Aaliya thanks her. She didn’t wish to hurt Meera’s feelings. Pallavi asks what did Aaliya say. Meera tells that everything is fine. Ranbir imagines marrying Prachi. He can’t believe the sight. He imagines her everywhere. He gets happy. He thinks of the moments spent with Prachi.

He realizes that he madly loves her. He wants his dream to turn true. He gets romancing her in his dream. He goes to Prachi’s house to confess his feelings. He doesn’t want to stop himself. Ranbir feels he is losing courage. He wants to practice his confession. He wishes that she agrees for her proposal. He also wishes that Prachi falls in love with him. He enters Prachi’s room by the window. He finds her sleeping. Her anklet falls down. Ranbir smiles seeing her. Prachi isn’t aware of his presence. He thinks he didn’t see a girl more beautiful than her. He thinks she is the right choice.

He hides from her. He wants to get freshen up and decked before he proposes Prachi. Rhea happens to come there to meet Prachi and Ranbir. Ranbir hides from her, unaware that its her. He sees Rhea with Prachi. Rhea barges inside and vents anger on Prachi, knowing Pragya isn’t at home. She asks Prachi if she is planning to marry a rich man. She tells her that she will not warn her again. Prachi thinks Rhea is sleepwalking. She hopes Rhea reaches home on time. Ranbir thinks to drink coffee and get rid of his hang over. He wants to get ready soon. He rehearsals the confession. He thinks of Rhea and apologizes.

He imagines Prachi with him again. He sees Prachi in Rhea as well. He tells her that he loves her. Rhea gets a huge shock knowing the confession was meant for Prachi. She breaks down and tells Aaliya that she is in love and lost her love as well. She names Ranbir as her love. Abhi overhears Rhea and gets determined to unite Rhea and Ranbir. He isn’t aware that Ranbir loves Prachi.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 5/5
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Ronak gets the toys for both his daughters. Nisha creates a fight between Roshni and Khushi. Nisha and Mami try to break their unity. Khushi tells that they shall play a game. Mami locks up Roshni, which makes the latter accuse Khushi. Roshni and Khushi get against. They have a fight. Ronak calms them. When he takes side of one of them, other one gets against. Roshni vents anger on Ronak for the past. Ronak asks Roshni not to react angrily. He takes her to show some toys. Nisha tells Khushi that Ronak loves Roshni a lot, but she will always be there with Khushi. Khushi gets happy to get her love. Sir ji gets angered on Muskaan.

He tries to make her against Ronak. Muskaan tells that she is proud of Ronak. Roshni misbehaves and troubles Ronak. Khushi gets upset that Ronak is scolding her. Roshni asks Ronak not to rule over her. Ronak takes care of Roshni and Khushi. Nisha finds him leaving from the house. She wants to know if he is going to meet Muskaan. Ronak goes to the bar when Sir ji compels Muskaan to dance. She feels happy to see Ronak. Sir ji wants Muskaan to insult Ronak. What will she do now? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

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