Star Muskaan Ronak battle against Sir ji begins

Star Muskaan Ronak battle against Sir ji begins

Star Muskaan Ronak battle against Sir ji begins Muskaan sees Ronak at the bar. She doesn’t stop the dance. Her dance insults her. He breaks the music system. She asks him not to come between her work. He throws money at the men watching her dance. He tells her that she should think of his emotions. He tells that he died every day to get her back. She tells that everyone has to change with time, he has to move on and she is also moving on. Sudha wants to tell Sir ji that Ronak has come again. Nisha follows Ronak and reaches there. She goes to meet Sir ji with a request. She tells Sir ji that she wants Ronak and Muskaan away. She asks him to help her in winning her husband.

Sir ji promises to support her. He thinks it will be good if Nisha comes on her side. Muskaan finally breaks the silence. She tells that Sir ji is blackmailing her and putting Roshni in the bad business. She tells that if she doesn’t dance, then Sir ji will drag Roshni on the dance floor. She is compelled to dance. Ronak learns this harsh truth and sympathizes with her. He promises to save Muskaan and his daughters. Nisha asks Sir ji to make Muskaan away from their lives.

She tells that she loves Ronak and Khushi a lot, and she will love even Roshni. He tells that he always wanted a bahu like him. He asks her to promise that she will work for him. Nisha agrees since she wants Ronak with her. Ronak tells Muskaan that he can fight every problem if she is with him. She tells him that she doesn’t want to fight. He doesn’t listen to him. He gets stubborn. He takes her home and asks her not to oppose his decision.

Nisha tells Mami that she spoke to Sir ji, who will keep Muskaan away. Ronak brings her home, which shocks Nisha. Nisha gets helpless to pretend good to her. Gayatri wants Muskaan to stay in the house, while Roshni wants Muskaan to leave. Ronak gets angry on Roshni for always condemning them. Ronak threatens Roshni about Sir ji. He convinces her in her own threatening way. Nisha acts good in front of Ronak. Nisha has a new plan. Sir ji meets Roshni at Ronak’s house. She asks him if Ronak’s family is also of him. She asks if Ronak is his son. She questions him with innocence. Sir ji gets speechless. Ronak wants to make Roshni against Sir ji.

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