Kundali Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Kumkum Bhagya Today

Kundali Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Kumkum Bhagya Today

Kundali Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Kumkum Bhagya Today Amber met with an accident. Amber gets treated and recovers. He wants to go home. He doesn’t like the hospital stay. Nia is worried for him. She doesn’t know the reason for his accident. She is eager to know the reason. Guneet tells Amber that the truth will come out soon. She tells that Nia will know the truth and will be much hurt. Amber asks Guneet to hide the truth. Amber helped Guneet in teaching a lesson to KK.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Purab have a discussion. Abhi likes Ranbir for Rhea. He tells that Ranbir can give much love to Rhea and pamper her like a queen always. Purab agrees that Ranbir and Rhea will look good together. Aryan wants Ranbir to come home with him. He tells that they can’t be at the cafe for long. Shahana teases Prachi that Ranbir loves her. Prachi doesn’t know what is love and why would Ranbir love her. Shahana questions her to know her feelings. Rhea tells Dimpy that Ranbir broke her heart, she will confront him about his move. She doesn’t care for Prachi.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan asks Preeta why is she lying to herself that she doesn’t like him. He tells her that she can’t lie to him. He knows that she likes him a lot. He madly shows the strange understanding between them. He tells that she is happy when he is around and wants him. Preeta calls him wrong. She denies to accept her feelings. She knows Karan will never value her. She doesn’t want to accept that she loves him.

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  1. Please bring Mahesh luthra out of coma. So that thing are settled. But preeta should not accept Karn. And when sharylen is out. Mahesh should let preeta and Roshan to get married..

  2. Its high to bring Mahesh Luthra back, for Rakhi to takes decission as Mother and to decide for her sons. Preeta to enter Luthra house and Bahu and Karan to accept her as his wife. Let Preeta then disclose Sherlyn and Prithvi truth

  3. Please bring Karan and Preeta together. Please clear off the misunderstanding asap.
    Sherlyn and prithvi need to be exposed it’s high time now. Mahesh luthra needs to be out of coma so they can be exposed

  4. Are band kardo ye show Kuch Maja nahi aara phir shadi kare phir tujarahi he phir vo dusre se shadi kara he… Bakavas ek no ka kuch to intrusting dikhaoo…. Vahi vahi continious

  5. This game of prithvi and sherlyn is long and now become irritating. It’s time for them to be exposed, mahesh luthra should be awaken from his deep slumber.

  6. Director hi jb itna farigh or fazool he will cheez ko bhot ziada kamba khencha ja rha he it’s not good for fan 3 months the same story was there and also same here
    What the Hell is this Yar plz think about it ???????????????

  7. Sherlyn’s pregnancy is way pass a year in normal life. I know it’s a soap but come on do something about it, it’s either she gets exposed about her and Prithvi cos Rishab deserve better. Also don’t like Mahira’s attitude now. Can Mahesh also come out of coma, preeta is enduring too much humiliation.

  8. Ekta Kapoor produced serials are getting bore, they show smart kind and honest people idiots and crooked ones winning.
    Kumkum and kundali bhagyas are becoming abhagya programmes.


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