Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Blackmailing twist for Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Blackmailing twist for Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Blackmailing twist for Lovely Kulfi wants to inform Lovely about the threat on Sikandar. Lovely locks up Mohendar inside the room. He shouts to get free. He wants to meet Sikandar. Lovely goes to the media and tells about Sikandar’s miserable state which has shocked the entire family. She tells that Dr. Jacob performed the surgery and committed a mistake, which led to Sikandar’s worse state. She tells that Jacob has run away because of his fear to run away. She tells that she will get Jacob punished. Kulfi watches Lovely’s interview on the news channel. She knows that Jacob is innocent, Jacob isn’t at fault.

She thinks she needs someone’s help so that she can enter the house by getting saved from the goons. She wants to ask Chalu for help. She wants to protect Lovely and Amyra as well. Chalu tells Kulfi that she had made her away in anger. She takes Kulfi home. She asks Kulfi to stay in her house, but not clean it. She doesn’t like the changes in her house. She calls her aides and tells that Kulfi will be taking them to their desired place. She has a motive behind keeping Kulfi at home. Lovely gets the power of attorney papers. She sends the goons to get Mohendar’s signs on the papers forcibly. She wants to get the complete powers in her hands.

She gets a gift and also a threatening note. She learns that someone knows her plan. Chalu tells Kulfi that she wants to take her somewhere. Kulfi agrees to her. Lovely reaches the location to know who is the blackmailer. She learns that Jimmy is the blackmailer. Chalu asks Kulfi to stay with the lady as her granddaughter for some time and relieve the lady. Kulfi is convinced to give happiness to someone. Jimmy tells Lovely that he knows everything, he also knows that Lovely wanted to kill Sikandar after the surgery. He can’t believe Lovely’s evil. Chalu makes Kulfi meet the old lady. She wants some profit in return.


Jimmy tells Lovely that her plan was brilliant, they should join hands, since they both are Sikandar’s enemies. The old lady gives money to Kulfi. Chalu sees the locker code and plans to rob it. She misleads Kulfi. She tells that she will clean the old lady’s house. Kulfi thinks she is a nice person. Jimmy shocks Lovely by asking for equal share in Sikandar’s company. Chalu and Kulfi get caught by the police for the robbery. Kulfi wants to convince Chalu and take her help for Sikandar.

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  1. Nice episode but we miss sikander please bring back sikander. Nobody ican be equal to him. we love Kulfi we can’t see her in trouble


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