Kumkum Bhagya Romance Plotting Big Revelation

Kumkum Bhagya Romance Plotting Big Revelation

Kumkum Bhagya Romance Plotting Big Revelation Rhea goes to steal Prachi’s dress. She doesn’t want to get caught by Prachi or Pragya. She gets Prachi’s dress to execute her plan. She thinks of her love Ranbir. She doesn’t want to hurt Pragya, who treats her well like a mother does. She gets in dilemma over defaming Prachi or not. She gives the dress to the girl to make the MMS. Ranbir can’t help thinking about Prachi. He feels he likes everything about her. He wishes to meet her. He thinks of not waiting until they meet in the college and just go home to see her. He gets mesmerized seeing Prachi. He finds her very charming. Shahana finds him outside the house and lost.

She asks him what is he wishing. He tells her that he can’t tell anything to Prachi. He loses courage. He lies to Prachi and Shahana that his car tyre got punctured and he was looking for a jack. Prachi asks him why did he come to her house to get a tyre or jack. Shahana asks him not to make excuses, the tyres are fine. Ranbir covers up his lie. He was planning to confess love, but ends up sounding silly. Sanju and Rhea plan to shoot the MMS to defame Prachi. Rhea doesn’t want the couple’s faces to be seen.

She tells that they have to prove that the girl in the video is Prachi. Sanju asks the couple to just record the video fast. Sanju and Rhea argue while having different opinions. Rhea isn’t aware that Ranbir is with Prachi right now. Ranbir offers lift to Prachi. He gets falling in love with her more and more. He takes Prachi to college. Sanju asks the guy not to touch the girl in a wrong way that Prachi gets defamed much. Rhea gets the jewellery box in which Pragya kept Abhi’s picture. Before she could see the picture, Sanju stops her.

Rhea asks the girl to look exactly like Prachi and not spoil anything. Ranbir feels the way was short and he couldn’t even talk to Prachi. He wants to befriend Prachi. He tells her that his family believe he is a nice guy who deserves a nice girl. He boasts of his values as taught by Dida and Pallavi. He ells her that he has become more mature and responsible. Prachi doesn’t know why he is praising his skills and values desperately. Prachi asks him to be good permanently. She tells that she likes his change.

Shahana praises Ranbir’s personality. Prachi rushes for her lecture. Shahana tells Ranbir that Prachi will get convinced one day. Prachi collides with the girl (who is enacting her in the MMS) and finds her wearing the same dress as gifted by Sarita. She gets confused and thinks if the girl has her dupatta. She thinks to follow the girl and find out. Will Prachi learn Rhea’s plan? Will Rhea learn that Pragya is her mother by finding Abhi and Pragya’s pictures? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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