Ishq SubhanAllah Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Spoilers

Ishq SubhanAllah Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Spoilers

Ishq SubhanAllah Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Spoilers Kabeer goes to the police to get justice for his wife’s murder. Zara accompanies Kabeer. Kabeer wants to file the FIR. Kabeer asks inspector to lodge the FIR. Inspector asks him to wait for the SP. Kabeer and Zara wait for hours. They ask the inspector what’s the problem that he isn’t taking any action. He tells the inspector that his dad has killed his wife and he wants justice. Kabeer argues with the inspector. Shahbaz wants to save his position in the political party. He calls the mental asylum staff there. The staff throw a huge net on Kabeer and catch him. Shahbaz declares Kabeer mentally unstable.

This shocks Zara a lot. She can’t believe that a father can stoop so low. Shahbaz tells the commissioner that Zara isn’t from a decent clean background, her past is also fishy and she is planning everything to defame him. He counters Kabeer and Zara’s allegations. Kabeer is dragged to the mental asylum. Shahbaz doesn’t want to spare him. Kabeer doesn’t get scared of Shahbaz. He tells that he isn’t restrained like before, since he has already lost his mum and wife. He has lost his love Zara. He gets determined to get justice. Zara motivates him.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:
Guneet’s mum and Bua want to get Guneet married. They are worried that Guneet has turned 40. Guneet’s mum is taunted that she isn’t doing anything for her daughter. She asks Guneet to think of having a family. She tells that Dolly Bua has invited them for Rinki’s baby shower function. She asks Guneet to get married. Guneet doesn’t care for the society. She asks her mum not to compare her with anyone. Guneet doesn’t want her mum to get any idea. Guneet’s makes a plan to lie to Dolly that Guneet is getting married. Guneet disagrees.

Guneet’s mum asks her to lie for her sake. Guneet tells that it will be wrong. She asks Bua not to start emotional drama. Bua taunts Guneet for being outspoken and rigid. She asks Guneet to find a nice guy and get married, before she gets old. Guneet gives her a good answer to Bua.

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