Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocker Revelation Chalu Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocker Revelation Chalu Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocker Revelation Chalu Lovely Lovely hits Chalu, unaware that she is a woman. She thinks its some man who had come to rob the house. She beats up Chalu a lot. Chalu manages to push Lovely and lock her inside the room. She runs to Kulfi and takes her in no time. Chalu, Kulfi and the aides run away. Kulfi gets sad that she didn’t meet Sikandar. She tells her sobbing story to Chalu. Chalu gets aid done by Kulfi. Chalu asks what did she want to find there. Kulfi tells that she had gone to meet her father. She tells her sobbing story to Chalu. She tells that someone is after Sikandar’s life.

She feels miserable for Sikandar, who never lost to any disaster before. She tells that her dad is a fighter, he got cheated by fate. She doesn’t know that Lovely is the main cheat, who is ruining their lives. Chalu connects with Kulfi’s sad story. She wants to help Kulfi. She gets emotional and cries. She determines to unite Kulfi and her dad. She promises Kulfi that Kulfi will soon meet her dad. Amyra meets Sikandar. She gets emotional while informing him about her song’s success and the new concert.

She tells him that Kulfi cheated them and turned him bedridden. She is much angry that Kulfi had no courage to face them and ran away. She tells him that she will be singing another song and dedicate it for him. She tells that Kulfi is trying to hide her mistake by staying away. Sikandar reacts on hearing her. He wants to meet his daughter Kulfi and longs to see her. Chalu meets an old couple whom she helps regularly. The couple blesses her and give their life’s credit to Chalu. Kulfi gets to see a new side of Chalu. She didn’t know that Chalu is also emotional at heart.

Chalu tries to cry, but fails to get tears. She tells Kulfi that the old couple isn’t her relatives, but her parents. She feels she has to hide her identity from them for their good. She is also good-hearted like Kulfi. Lovely goes to Sikandar. She asks Amyra to get ready. She locks the room and injects Sikandar. She wants to send him away so that he doesn’t connect with anyone. Chalu tells her sad tale to Kulfi that her parents abandoned her after her birth, since they didn’t wish to have a girl child after having four sons. She tells that her parents left her at some temple and went away.

She narrates her life’s tough journey. She tells that she grew up and found her real parents to fight them. She wanted to confront them for their decision to abandon a daughter. She tells that when she found them, she learnt that their sons have abandoned them. She tells that it was sad sight to see them on roads. She took them home and gave them a shelter. She tells Kulfi that she didn’t reveal her identity to make them realize their mistake. She just wants to take care of her parents. She tells that she robs and earns a living for her parents’ sake.

Kulfi cries for her. Chalu tells that Kulfi will really unite with her dad. Kulfi is hopeful. Everyone enjoys in the party at Sikandar’s house. Lovely laughs at Sikandar’s picture. Amyra sings a rap song. Chalu and Kulfi make an entry in the party. They stop Amyra from singing. Amyra scolds Kulfi for running away after leaving Sikandar in that state. Chalu tells Amyra that Kulfi has a right on the house, she will stay here and not leave. Lovely questions Chalu’s identity.

She tells that she is Sikandar’s wife. She asks Chalu to get out. Chalu makes a big declaration that she is Sikandar’s first wife. Lovely and Amyra are in shock. Lovely yells at Kulfi for making a random woman her mother and getting her home. She offers money to Chalu to send her away. Chalu slaps Lovely and reprimands her to watch out her move.

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