Kundali Bhaggya Robbery drama Karan Preeta at rescue

Kundali Bhaggya Robbery drama Karan Preeta at rescue

Kundali Bhaggya Robbery drama Karan Preeta at rescue Prithvi gets a golden chance to hurt Rishabh. He turns angry when Sherlyn defends Rishabh. He plans to anger Sherlyn to the limit that she argues with him, so that Luthras get tricked that she is an ideal bahu. He thinks to help Sherlyn for her motive. He asks Sherlyn why is she crying for Rishabh. Sherlyn tells that she is Rishabh’s wife. He tells her that he won’t leave Rishabh any way. He tells that he plans to kill them. He asks one of the robber to give him a knife. He threatens Sherlyn. He asks Sherlyn to apologize to him if she wants to save her husband. Sherlyn doesn’t react. Rakhi and Kareena beg him to leave Rishabh.

Prithvi wants Sherlyn to apologize. He thinks why is she not understanding his plan, she should become a good Bahu. He gets enmity with Luthras. The robbers think what happened to their boss that he is settling personal scores with Luthras. Prithvi asks the robbers to loot all the cash. He slaps one of the robber who reminds him the rules. He asks them to get the jewellery as well. The robber doubts on him. The real boss Manja get locked inside the room. Prithvi hears Manja and learns that he is locked inside the room. He doesn’t want to get caught. He thinks to play music so that the robbers don’t learn the truth.

He tells them that he will hear the song according to his wish. He asks the robbers to make everyone dance on the song. Prithvi tortures Luthras. He asks them to make Luthras dance. He takes the robber’s phone by lying to him. He switches off the phone. Karan, Preeta and Shrishti make an entry inside. Sameer sees them and doesn’t let the robber see them. He engages the robber with the dance. Karan and Preeta rescue Rishabh first. Rakhi gets a big relief on seeing this. The robber asks them about Rishabh.

He scolds the family for acting smart and hiding Rishabh. He takes Sameer at gun point. Rishabh gets rescued. Karan and Preeta get into an argument. They learn about the robber chief locked inside the room. Rishabh tells Karan that this person locked is the real boss, and someone else took his place to torture them. Shrishti understands that another enemy is present to create a drama. She wants to expose the masked enemy. Preeta makes a plan to convince the robber to leave the family. Karan tells her that this plan can’t be executed. Karan condemns her plan. Rishabh agrees with Karan. He doesn’t think they can convince Manja.

Karan jokes on Preeta and Shrishti’s smartness and angers them. Preeta tells Karan that guys have no sense and just want to fight. She asks him to talk with peace and see the result. Karan tells her that he will fight the robbers. Manja gets free on his own. Kritika tells the robbers that Rishabh ran away because of their boss’ mistake. Prithvi wants to prove that he is the best thief. Shrishti likes Preeta’s plans. She asks Preeta to find out Manja. She doesn’t think Preeta’s plan can work for sure. Preeta goes to request the fake chief, unaware that he is Prithvi. Prithvi makes a mistake and falls under suspicion.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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