Tujhse Raabta Kundali Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming

Tujhse Raabta Kundali Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming

Tujhse Raabta Kundali Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming While Prithvi troubles the Luthra family by acting as the boss of the goons, Rishabh gets doubtful about Prithvi. Rishabh had spoken to Prithvi before the robbers’ attack. He thinks if his doubt is certain. He wants to tell the goons that Prithvi had disappeared their boss and took his place to run away with the entire robbed vash. Karan, Preeta and Shristi come inside the Kumkum Bhagya Marriage hall to rescue everyone. The goon is about to see them and comes near Rishabh. Karan doesn’t want his brother to get any sort of harm.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Mamta gives divorce papers to Kalyani and says Malhar has signed on it, if you don’t sign it and don’t marry Rachit then the Naxals will kill Malhar. Malhar gets glass pieces in his hand and says I will neither let Naxals succeed in his mission nor he will get Kalyani married someone else. Kalyani takes the divorce papers in her hand and signs on it to save Malhar. She gets ready to marry Rachit and wears bridal clothes. She is unaware that the lady in the house is Mamta and not Madhuri. Rachit shows his true colors and threatens to kill Malhar. He is with Mamta in the Naxals group.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari: Muddu’s friend suggests him to elope. Muddu is about to elope when Nanhe lal catches him and tells that he doesn’t want to do anything but it seems like he has to give them Prasad. He aims the gun at Muddu and shoots in air. Muddu, his friend and Hukum are shocked. The premarriage function begins in Gudiya’s house. Sarla applies haldi to gudiya first, followed by others.

Mere Dad ki Dulhan: Nia and Guneet meet in the restaurant. Nia asks do you think Dad feels alone. Guneet says after your mum’s death, the emptiness which came in his life can’t be filled by you. Nia asks if I am not enough for Dad. Guneet says you are enough as a daughter, but there are many feelings which he can’t share with you. Nia asks if he needs someone else. Guneet says maybe he needs a companion and a partner. Nia decides to search life partner for Amber.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum


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