Kundali Bhagyaa Preeta Shrishti Karan Rishabh Upcoming

Kundali Bhagya 9th July Preeta at Rishabh's rescue

Kundali Bhagyaa Preeta Shrishti Karan Rishabh Upcoming Prithvi falls in suspicion when he names Sameer. He then makes an excuse that he heard someone taking Sameer’s name. Shrishti tells Preeta that she is a macho girl, she will not spare the robbers. She isn’t scared of anyone. She tells Preeta that she has divided the work as per their talents. She explains her plan to Preeta. Shrishti is sure that Preeta can make anyone fall for her beauty. She tells Preeta that she can do it and attract the robber chief to get him into the trap. Preeta goes to signal the robber chief for a talk.

She isn’t aware that he is Prithvi. Prithvi asks the robbers to take off the jewellery. He gets to see Preeta and feels lucky that she is signalling him. He wants to run to her. Preeta realizes Shrishti was saying right about her beauty. Rakhi refuses to give her nuptial chain. She begs the goon to spare it and understand her emotions. The boss returns to the robbers. He asks them to snatch the jewellery if the women are doing a melodrama. Rakhi begs them for her nuptial chain. Karan and Rishabh lose their cool and bash up the robbers. Rakhi gets at gunpoint. They get threatened. Preeta tries to get Prithvi to the groom’s room.

Shrishti quickly plans to bash up the chief and call the police. Prithvi thinks Preeta is his dream girl. He is excited to romance her. Preeta is worried that they can’t overpower the goon. Shrishti plans to scare him by a knife. Prithvi gets attacked by Shrishti. He is relieved that they don’t know his identity. He doesn’t want his mask to come off. Shrishti threatens him and asks him to remove the mask. Karan and Rishabh ask the robber to spare Rakhi. Sherlyn thinks to escape. The robbers learn that someone else was in the boss’ place. They also want to find the fake boss. The boss scolds his gang for becoming fools so easily.

Karan doesn’t know what is Preeta planning. He hopes Preeta and Shrishti aren’t in any danger. Janki gets the red chilli powder to save everyone from the robbers. Rakhi gets a doubt that something will happen to Mahesh if she loses her nuptial chain. She demands her sons to get her nuptial chain back. Rishabh and Karan manage to get the nuptial chain for Rakhi. They fail to escape and get caught by the robbers again. They miss the good chance to run away.

Prithvi locks himself in the washroom. He thinks how to go out and get saved from Preeta and Shrishti. Preeta tells her that if the chief isn’t agreeing, then better they lock him up. She makes a plan to save the guests and Luthra family. The robbers gang take Janki at gun point too to teach her a lesson. Janki tells that she works as staff in the wedding hall. She couldn’t see Luthras in trouble. The robber feels she is related to them. He asks them not to risk life for rich family, who are heartless. He slaps Janki. Karan and Rishabh worry for Janki. Preeta and Shrishti stay away and witness the fight.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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