Rishtey Pyar Abir stunning entry in Mishti’s Roka

Rishtey Pyar Abir stunning entry in Mishti's Roka

Rishtey Pyar Abir stunning entry in Mishti’s Roka Kuhu wants to stop Abir from coming home. He doesn’t listen at all, since he has no idea that Kuhu is working hard for Mishti’s roka ceremony. He thinks he is just helping Kuhu in her new event. Kuhu gets him home and admits that the event is actually happening in her home, its Mishti and Nannu’s roka. This news shocks him. He never thought that he will be preparing for his ex-fiancee’s engagement. Kuhu asks him to go home. Mishti meets him and gets mistaken that he is intentionally around to hurt her.

On the other hand, Parul tries to get some facts right from Jugnu. He tells her that Mishti sent a letter for Abir and was very positively happy. Before he could tell her more, she gets interrupted by Vishwamber and Shaurya’s arrival. Vishwamber invites Rajvansh family for Mishti’s roka, since Rajvanshs are Kuhu’s in-laws. He tells them that he has fixed Mishti and Nannu’s alliance, since both of them are perfect for each other.

Meenakshi tries to act positive as if she never had any problem with Mishti. She also shows off her richness in the form of the expensive gift. She tells Vishwamber that she will grace the occasion to bless Mishti.

He asks her to just bless Mishti truly and not get any expensive baggage around. He tells her that Mishti is herself a diamond, who doesn’t need anything from anyone. Meenakshi and Vishwamber’s indirect banter gets observed by Nanu and Parul. Parul realizes that Meenakshi had planned everything in advance, which proves her involvement. She suspects that Meenakshi is behind Abir and Mishti’s second break up.

She wants Abir to be happy. She enquires from Jugnu again. He tells her that Abir wasn’t happy after reading the letter. Parul wonders the reason. She checks the letter torn by Abir. She learns that Jugnu had lost the letter for few minutes. She understands that Meenakshi had swapped the letter. Parul gets in tension.

Meanwhile, Mishti assumes that Abir has moved on in life. She tells him that he is the first guest in her Roka. She wants the day to be special. She asks him to do the best decorations. Abir thinks she is hurting him so much as if she hates him. Nanu looks for Abir. Meenakshi asks him to not bring Mishti back in Abir’s life.

She feels Abir has forgotten Mishti. She tells them that Mishti did much wrong with Kunal and can’t be forgiven. She warns them against meeting Mishti. Parul doesn’t want to talk to Meenakshi. Kunal worries for Abir. Abir tells Mishti that she already has a boyfriend. She tells that Nannu is going to become her fiance.

When she gets hurt, she stops him from caring for her. She doesn’t want to depend on her. They share their feelings within heart. Kuhu alerts Nannu from a loveless marriage. She asks him to think again if he wants to marry Mishti, knowing she loves Abir. Nannu tells her that all love stories aren’t perfect. He states that love means friendship for him. He is sure that he will win Mishti’s love some day. Abir speaks to Kunal. Kunal questions his feelings for Mishti. Abir denies to love Mishti. She gets hurt on knowing it.

Abir tells Kunal that he accompanied Kuhu and came to her house unknowingly. He decides to go home. Mishti asks Abir to leave from her life. Kuhu blurts out Kunal’s mistake to Abir. Abir realizes his own mistake for not listening to Mishti even once and judging her wrong. He doesn’t want to give up on his love. Nanu urges him to fight for his love and marry Mishti. Abir takes the dhol and goes to Maheshwaris in the middle of the Roka. He makes a stunning entry and a more stunning proposal for Mishti. Will Mishti and Maheshwaris accept Abir? Keep reading.

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