Kullfi Kumar Baajewala Today Lovely Kulfi hasty decisions

Kullfi Kumar Baajewala Today Lovely Kulfi hasty decisions

Kullfi Kumar Baajewala Today Lovely Kulfi hasty decisions Lovely tells Chalu that Sikandar is her husband and she is the owner of the house. She wants to oust Chalu some way. She is so sure that Chalu isn’t Nimrat. She gets enraged when Kulfi doesn’t tell anything about Chalu. Chalu stops Lovely from venting anger on little Kulfi. She suspects that Lovely is also involved in Sikandar’s critical condition since he is nowhere to be found in the house. Lovely shifts Sikandar to the secret chamber. She wants Kulfi to be away. She knows Kulfi and Sikandar’s heart to heart connection. Chalu produces some documents to prove that she is Nimrat.

She also shows the medical records. She tells that she was admitted in the hospital for a year. She tells that she was in coma and battled for life just to meet Sikandar and Kulfi. Jimmy gets mad at Lovely. Kulfi and Chalu look for Sikandar. They don’t find him anywhere. Lovely tells Kulfi that she will not forgive her for getting a random woman home and making fun of her in front of the media. She tells that she will never let her meet Sikandar. She calls Chalu a fraud. She challenges to get them behind bars. She tells that she will not spare Chalu and her for the big cheat.

Kulfi tells her that she is sorry for everything, but Lovely can’t stop her from meeting Sikandar. Amyra asks Lovely about Sikandar. Lovely calms her anger and asks Amyra to just trust her. She tells that Sikandar is at some safe place and she need not worry for him. Chalu stays irritated because of Lovely. She finds Kulfi crying for Sikandar. She assures that they will soon meet Sikandar. Kulfi gets motivated to find him. Lovely is troubled by the fact that Kulfi has come back home to stay. She wants Kulfi very far from her sight. Lovely tells Cutie that Kulfi knows half the truth and now Chalu is helping her.

She feels worried. Chalu goes to wash her face. She gets scared when she hears some sound from the water tap. She shouts to Kulfi. Kulfi hears the sound and realizes that its her dad. Kulfi kisses the tap and happily cries on hearing Sikandar’s voice. She tells Chalu that Sikandar is inside the house itself, but they need to find him. Lovely tells that Kulfi can’t match her evil. She wants to strike at Chalu and break Kulfi’s support system. Lovely makes a plan. Chalu tells Kulfi that she knows who can help them. She pays the servants and sends them away on a holiday. Lovely and Cutie get upset to know that there is no helper at home.

Chalu tells them that she has sent the servants away. She wants to get her aides home to find Sikandar. Lovely thinks to go to Chirauli and find the proof against Chalu. She tells that she will get the evidences and prove Chalu a fraud, so that she can easily send Kulfi to the jail. She wants to put serious charges on Kulfi to get rid of her for once and all. Kulfi questions Mohendar about Sikandar.

She gets puzzled knowing Lovely didn’t let him meet Sikandar even once. She thinks why is Lovely being so evil. Kulfi decides to talk to Amyra and win her faith again so that they can find Sikandar. Lovely wants to prove Chalu a fraud so that she can get rid of Kulfi soon. Who will succeed, Lovely or Kulfi? Keep reading.

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  1. Surely kulfi will win .she will get the support of all including Amyra. who will break all her ties with her mother when she comes to know of the truth. Kulfi will find her father Best of luck to Kulfi and her team

  2. Really you have taken serial on correct path. We will be happy when Kulfi meet her father and Amara know her mother’s bad thoughts and selfish action.


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