Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Chalu discovers Lovely’s weak link

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Chalu discovers Lovely's weak link

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Chalu discovers Lovely’s weak link Beauty pours something on Chalu and Kulfi’s pillows to take the DNA samples. She asks Lovely to go to their room. Lovely acts to give medicine to Cutie and turn her normal. She threatens Chalu and Kulfi. She tells that she will not spare them if anything happens to her mother. Cutie asks Lovely to not get hyper. Chalu asks Kulfi to sleep. Kulfi gets the bad smell from the pillows. She asks Chalu if she drank any alcohol. Chalu admits to consume some. She asks Kulfi to not think much. Kulfi wishes that she meets Sikandar. She goes to the tap to get more hints. She hears Sikandar’s voice and follows it. She sees Lovely going to some room. She finds Lovely locking the door.

She recalls that Chalu has taught her to open the locks. She opens the lock and doesn’t see anyone. She is shocked to find Lovely missing. She wonders where did Lovely go. She runs away. Lovely injects Sikandar. She asks him to stay away from the family, since she doesn’t want him to meet Kulfi. Kulfi tells Chalu that Lovely had entered the room and then disappeared. Lovely overhears their talk. She finds them inside the room. She calls Cutie. Cutie asks Kulfi and Chalu to leave from the room. Lovely hides inside the cupboard, which has a secret passage.

Chalu asks Kulfi not to worry and sleep. Beauty takes the hair samples from the pillows. She asks Lovely to get the DNA test done. Kulfi thinks why isn’t she finding Sikandar. She plays Sikandar’s piano and sings. Amyra shouts on her and expresses her hatred. She asks Kulfi to not touch her dad’s piano. Kulfi cries and runs away. Chalu thinks when will Kulfi’s tears stop. She doesn’t want Kulfi to fall weak and run away. She tells that she will not team up with a weak person, she should fight back. She tells they will better drop the plan. She asks Kulfi what does she want.

She scolds Kulfi for always crying. She triggers Kulfi and asks her to take a stand for herself first. She finds Cutie eating the peanuts. She tells Kulfi that Lovely lied about Cutie’s allergy to peanuts. She swears to teach a lesson to Cutie for her worst drama. Chalu tells her plan to Kulfi. She tells that Cutie would be Lovely’s weak link, which they need to strike. She is sure that her plan will make Lovely blurt out the truth.

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  1. Yes kulfi should be strong and should stand up for her rights I know kulfi will get her father soon. . I like Chalu. Who is just treating kulfi aa her daughter


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