Shakti Tujhse Raabta Zee Manmohini Upcoming

Shakti Tujhse Raabta Zee Manmohini Upcoming

Shakti Tujhse Raabta Zee Manmohini Upcoming Shiv does Tulsi puja on the terrace. Shiv and Ananya get chances of romance. Ananya teases Shiv and gets naughty. Amar finds them together. He scolds them for pretending to be a couple and romancing for real. He reminds Shiv that Ananya isn’t his wife. Ananya challenges Amar for an arm wrestling match. She wins and pulls Amar’s leg. Shiv enjoys the match. Ananya tells that she doesn’t care for the world’s taunts. Ananya tells Shiv that she has accepted him as her husband, since she loves him a lot. Amar is going to kill Daima. Shiv and Ananya stop him unknowingly. There will be many twists once Amar’s truth comes out.

Shakti: Chameli asks Heer if she feels good at their place. Heer replies that she likes to stay here. Chameli says she was thinking to make her like them, like how they do their makeup, the same way they will apply makeup to her too. Heer is shocked. Chameli asks the kinnars to do Heer’s make up. Heer refuses to get the makeup applied to her face. The kinnars hold Heer and apply makeup on her face forcibly, thereby her face gets ruined with bad makeup. Heer gets shocked and cries, trying to resist the makeup. She tries to run away and collides with Preeto.

Preeto comes there, gets shocked seeing Heer with loud and ruined makeup face. She gets angry at Soumya. Soumya looks on at Heer and tries to explain to her that she is also one among the kinnars. Soumya and Preeta get against. Chameli and other kinners dance, that leaves Heer shaken up. Heer finds too hard to accept the harsh truth. She gets too scared. Saaya and Soumya stop Chameli not to scare Heer. Soumya clarifies that Chameli was just teasing her and didn’t know her limits. She consoles Heer. Saaya also reprimands Chameli. Chameli tells that she is just doing the same task, but her way is different.


Tujhse Hai Raabta: Anupriya tells Kalyani that she will also dance to mark the happy moment in her life. Mamta and Anupriya start dancing. While dancing and swirling holding each other hands, Mamta’s artificial hand gets pulled out by Anupriya on its own and the former falls down. Anupriya is shocked to see the fake hand in her hand. Mamta gets tensed. Kalyani gets very much shocked and asks Mamta about it, thinking her to be Madhuri. Malhar is still captive. He tries to free himself from the goons. He struggles and comes up with a plan. Malhar fights the goons to get free.

Kalyani looks for some clue. She finds someone going to steal something from Sarthak’s room. She doesn’t see the thief well. She catches the thief Aswari. She gets a big shock when Sarthak unveils the thief. She keeps her conditions to call Ahir home in exchange of the papers. Malhar gets free and runs away from the goons. Asawari defends herself. Kalyani keeps her conditions to help her. She asks her to summon Ahir home. She threatens to inform her truth to the police. Kalyani finally gets Ahir and threatens him to settle scores for his tortures on Malhar.

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