Kumkum Bhaagya Abhi panics Aaliya plays evil card

Kumkum Aaliya cunning plan Spoilers lined

Kumkum Bhaagya Abhi panics Aaliya plays evil card Prachi tells Ranbir that she is leaving the college because of him, since she doesn’t want him to put everything on stake for her. She asks him not to ruin his family name or career because of her. She knows he is a good friend. She feels sorry that he always falls in trouble because of her. She can fight her problems. She doesn’t want him to suffer. He understands her point. He tells her that he wants to stand for the right. He doesn’t want Prachi to face the insult. He tells her that someone is behind it. He is sure that someone impersonated her to defame her. She doesn’t know if any girl will intentionally malign her image.

He tells that he will find out about it. He wants her to go home. He tells that Vikram is coming to help him. On the other hand, Rhea is worried that her plan backfired. She goes to confess her crime to Aaliya. She tells Aaliya that she hates Prachi and ruined her image by spreading a fake MMS. She wanted Ranbir to misunderstand Prachi. She tells that Ranbir fought his friend for Prachi’s sake. Aaliya thinks Prachi is taking everyone on her side. Rhea wants to help Ranbir. She feels guilty that she is responsible for his arrest.

Aaliya asks her not to worry for Ranbir so much. Pragya is worried for Prachi. Prachi rushes home to take help from Ranbir. She tells Pragya that Ranbir has bashed up his friend and got arrested for the fight. Prachi feels Ranbir is bearing injustice when he is right. She calls a lawyer for help. She heads to the police station to help Ranbir. She leaves her phone at home by mistake. Sarita gets the phone and thinks to inform Abhi about Ranbir’s arrest. Aaliya tells Abhi and Vikram that Ranbir got into a fight with his friend because of Prachi. She hates Prachi. Abhi stops Aaliya from speaking ill about Prachi.

Aaliya tells him that Prachi deserves the insult. He can’t tolerate anything against Prachi, who is like Rhea for him. He tells her that he trusts Prachi. Aaliya breaks the news of Ranbir’s arrest. She tells that Ranbir got arrested because of his impulsive reaction on Prachi’s defamation. She tells that Ranbir reacted like that since Prachi’s MMS leaked in the college. Rhea tells Abhi that Prachi was in the MMS. Abhi doesn’t believe it. He tells them that the videos are morphed, Prachi can’t be wrong. Aaliya asks how could he trust Prachi so much.

He asks her how could she hate Prachi so much. He believes Prachi is innocent. He wants to help Ranbir. Rhea feels Abhi doesn’t love her. She is hurt that Abhi always chooses Prachi over her. Aaliya warns Pallavi about Ranbir falling into trouble because of Prachi all the time. Pragya and Prachi reach the police station to help Ranbir at the same time when Abhi and Vikram reach there. Abhi and Pragya have a close hit and miss yet again. Abhi tells Vikram that Pragya was around. Vikram asks him to stop day dreaming. Ranbir is happy to think about Prachi.

He loves her even more. Abhi and Vikram find Ranbir smiling. Abhi tells Ranbir that he is proud of him. Vikram doesn’t feel the same. Abhi asks Vikram to see that Ranbir has no regret for taking the right step for Prachi. He is proud that Ranbir has become a gentleman like him. He praises Ranbir for being different and standing for a girl, against the crowd. He wants Ranbir to always support the right. Vikram understands it but feels sad for his son. Ranbir asks Vikram not to worry for him. Vikram gets happy that he has no regret for supporting Prachi. He tells that Sanju was in the college and still didn’t support Prachi.

Ranbir tells them that Sanju isn’t part of the college. Aaliya brainwashes Pallavi against Prachi and her mum, who are characterless. She tells that they have masked their evil by their goody act. Pallavi doesn’t think so. Aaliya plays evil to cut down Prachi’s support system. Aaliya tells her that Prachi is bad luck for Ranbir. She asks her to protect Ranbir. She acts scared for Ranbir’s future. She asks Pallavi to save her son and not forget her advice. She wants Pallavi to accept Rhea for Ranbir. Ranbir thinks if Sanju is behind the fake MMS.

Rhea meets Ranbir and scolds him for landing in jail because of Prachi. He tells her that she has a problem with Prachi, but he has no problem with her. He tells that he can’t hear anything against Prachi. She asks him why did he get jailed. He tells her that he took a stand for something he felt wrong. He tells that Prachi isn’t in the MMS, its someone else. He reveals his suspicion about Sanju. Rhea gets worried that Ranbir is so close to the truth.

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