Kundalii Bhagya Sherlyn evil conspiracy strikes Luthras

Kundalii Bhagya Sherlyn evil conspiracy strikes Luthras

Kundalii Bhagya Sherlyn evil conspiracy strikes Luthras Rakhi takes care of Kareena’s choice and surprises her with the lovely breakfast. Kareena feels lucky to get Rakhi in their lives. Rakhi tells Mahira that once she becomes her Bahu, she will have to fulfill all duties. Mahira agrees. Ramona asks Kareena to make sure that Mahira never gets tears in her eyes. She makes a request to Rakhi to always pamper her daughter. Karan and Rishabh join the family for breakfast. Rakhi reminds them about Preeta. Sherlyn gets upset on hearing Preeta’s name. Rakhi apologizes to Kareena. She doesn’t want Sherlyn to think before speaking. Ramona tells them that the robbery would be Preeta’s plan.

Karan tells them that he knows Aroras well, Preeta didn’t hire the robbers, who were for real. He takes Aroras’ side. He is thankful since Preeta saved Rakhi’s life. He feels indebted to Preeta. He answers Ramona. Mahira wants to know her place in Karan’s life. Rishabh asks Mahira not to ask anything. Rakhi vents anger on Sherlyn. She reprimands Sherlyn for speaking ill about Preeta. Karan also blames Sherlyn. He doesn’t know Sherlyn’s problem with Preeta. Sherlyn asks Rakhi why did she take Preeta’s side, who is just a stranger for them.

Rakhi tells them that Preeta is like her daughter, she will not leave Preeta. She can’t forget Preeta’s favors. She wants Sherlyn to remember that Preeta is close to her heart. Sherlyn feels insulted. She can’t believe that Rakhi insulted her in front of everyone. She calls up Prithvi to vent her anger. Prithvi thinks Sherlyn’s anger melted down. She instead fumes on her. He tells her that he will not leave anyone who insulted her. She tells that she is tolerating everything for his sake, while he cares for Preeta. He confesses that he likes Preeta, but he loves just Sherlyn. She doesn’t want him to lie. She tells him that Rakhi insulted her.

He tells her that he will kill Rakhi if she wants. He wants to punish anyone who hurts her. He doesn’t want to spare his enemies. She gets relieved on hearing his supportive words. She asks him not to kill Rakhi. She gets pleased that he is expressing his love. She tells him that she loves him. He tells that he loves her a lot, he will punish Rakhi by his great plan. She wants to punish Rakhi by her own idea. He asks her to enjoy, but not get caught. She thinks to make Rakhi fall down the stairs. Rakhi tells Rishabh and Karan that they need her scolding, since they spoke to Sherlyn badly. She tells that she wasn’t scolding Sherlyn, but explaining her mistake.

She doesn’t want her relation with Kareena to spoil. She asks Rishabh to explain Karan, who needs to understand his mistake. Karan doesn’t get her point. She tells him that its her responsibility to maintain peace in the house. She expresses that she can’t hear anything negative about Preeta. She warns Karan against speaking between elders. Rakhi hugs her sons. Sherlyn watches them with revenge filled eyes. She wants to teach a lesson to Rakhi. She takes the oil bottle to make Rakhi fall down the stairs. Mahira finds Sherlyn into the act.

She wonders what is Sherlyn up to. Sherlyn waits to see Rakhi’s fall. Rakhi apologizes to Sherlyn. Sherlyn too apologizes to add up her drama. Sherlyn doesn’t want Karan or Rishabh to save Rakhi. Mahira thinks Sherlyn is going something wrong. Karan and Rishabh stop Rakhi from going to the staircase. Kareena also apologizes to Rakhi. They clear their annoyance. Dadi falls down the stairs because of Sherlyn’s conspiracy. Mahira understands Sherlyn’s plan and gets in shock. The Luthras run to rescue Dadi.

Best Comment on Kundali Bhagya last post by Khox:
Preeta could have got the pregnancy report again. It seems Romona is super intelligent besides Sherlyn and Prithivi. How the Luthras are so rich as they are dumb headed. The serial much go according to time regarding Sherlyn pregnancy. Anyway I am already getting bored watching this serial.

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