Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Amber Guneet love story begins

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Amber Guneet love story begins Randeep tells Nia that one truth will not change and that is he likes her. Amber hears the laptop beeping and calls Nia asking what is beeping. He comes near her laptop and reads poetic lines, posted on his profile on the APP. He replies to the post asking if the lines are written by the person or stolen one. Guneet replies to his post that it is her life experience. They begin chatting unknown to both of them about their identities. He is oblivious that the profile is posted by Nia on his behalf to search life partner for him. Guneet and Amber start chatting on the dating app and become good friends.

They think their loneliness is soon subsiding because of their chat friends. They have different identities on the app. Ambar gets so addicted to the app that he can’t begin his day without chatting with Guneet. Guneet too awaits his message. She gets drawn to him. He is also liking the interesting conversations. He awaits her calls. He gets smiling thinking of his new friend. Guneet also finds happiness in her life.

Guneet thinks the entire relatives and neighbors are after her marriage. Her marriage becomes the talk of the town. Bua wants to find an alliance for Guneet. She just wants Guneet to get married. Guneet doesn’t want to marry anyone randomly. She wants someone for whom she would fall in love. She asks Bua not to talk about her marriage all the time.

Bua asks Guneet not to waste the left over years of her life being single and find some nice guy for marriage. Guneet thanks Bua for reminding her age. Guneet tells them that she is very happy alone, she doesn’t need anyone in her life. Bua knows Guneet always keeps her point. She just wants Guneet to settle down. Guneet thinks to lie to Dolly and Pammi that she already found someone. She means to tell them about Amber, her chat friend.



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