Kundali Preeta murder twist Kumkum Bhagya Spoilers

Kundali Preeta murder twist Kumkum Bhagya Spoilers

Kundali Preeta murder twist Kumkum Bhagya Spoilers Rhea is shocked to see her own plan backfiring on her, seeing Ranbir’s immense faith on Prachi. She never expected her life to take such a turn. She realizes her mistake of pushing Ranbir towards Prachi with evil intentions. She wanted Ranbir to win Prachi’s heart and then dump her. She didn’t realize that Ranbir was really falling in love with Prachi. She repents her doings. She goes on doing more mistakes.

She asks Ranbir where is he going? She tells that she was searching for him as Abhi told her about him. Ranbir tells her that he will talk to her later, as he has some important work to do. He says he has to go somewhere, very urgently. She asks where? He says he is going to search Sanju. Rhea gets tensed. She asks Sanju to hide or return to Hoshiarpur to get saved from Ranbir. She alerts Sanju in time.

Mere Dad ki Dulhan: Amber gets upset with the person chatting with him. Later, they chat and smiles sharing their experiences. Amber laughs. Guneet is chatting with him, unknown to both of them. Nia catches Amber smiling and asks what is he doing on his laptop. Amber closes the laptop and says nothing. Nia understands Amber is chatting with someone but hiding from her.

Kundali Bhagya: Preeta promises Sarla that she will check Dadi and will return after checking Dadi. She doesn’t want to get into Karan’s trap again. Sarla asks her to just do her duty as a doctor and return home. She doesn’t want her daughter to get heartbroken again. She is well aware of the fact that Luthras are very selfish and would never respect Preeta. Sherlyn asks Mahira to kill Preeta to take her place in the Luthra family. She says you can make your place only after Preeta’s exit. Preeta assures Sarla that she will return. Mahira gets convinced by Sherlyn’s words. Mahira plans to kill Preeta.

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  1. What shit is this…. When is Sheryln going to make her baby… Is she making an elephant… When is she going to get caught withe her evil plans…. I Am Totally fed up with this…. Evil always wins over good

  2. Kumkum bhagya and khundali bhagya adjust utter nonsense. Pragya and abhi eventually meet, he stayed over at her place but acts like he dsnt knw where she is, how come they dnt want to meet their kids they separated from. Utter nonsense. Something is always in the way. Please stop this nonsense . Khundali bhagya same nonsense everyday, no conclusions or revelations . Truth never comes out. More and more drama and the plot gets list again and again and again, please stop , it’s too much now

  3. Dimag pakadiya yaar plzzzzz real life mein bhi itne probs nai hote jitne isme hai these are faaar better than that these hai raabta and that stupid guddan

  4. Who is writing this?? Totally Rubbish….The writers have forgotten that Sherlyn is pregnant just the same way in KumKum Bhagya with Tanu….never ending pregnancy…..Both these shows have lost their ziest….Then men treat their women/lady love so poorly and yet they go back to them…..seriously!! There is no forgiveness if a Man leaves a woman on the streets in the middle of the night…..What kind of message are you sending out?? And how come Bad always wins over Good?? Is that the message the writers want to send out?? Who is writing this rubbish? the shows start off good and then all this…..They really think the audience is Stupid!!


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