Kundali Karan First love feeling Preeta in danger

Kundali Karan First love feeling Preeta in danger

Kundali Karan First love feeling Preeta in danger Sarla is worried for Shrishti. Janki hides about Shrishti and Sameer’s friendship. She denies to know anything about Shrishti. Preeta returns home and answers Sarla’s question. Sarla gets hyper thinking Preeta faced humiliation at Luthra house. Preeta tells her that everyone spoke to her with love and affection. Sarla believes her seeing her sweet smile. Preeta tells about Dadi’s injury. Preeta tells Sarla that she had went to the market on return. She wants to treat Dadi’s pain completely. She asks Sarla to allow her to visit Dadi again. Shrishti spies and realizes that Karan have given a gift to Preeta. Karan misses Preeta badly.

He thinks of her. He feels like he is in love for the first time. Karan experiences Pehla Nasha kind of love. He behaves silly and expresses his happiness. The staff understands that Karan is happy because of Preeta. Mahira tells Sherlyn that she will kill Preeta. She is ready to do anything to make Preeta out of Karan’s life. Sherlyn is glad. Mahira asks her to plan the murder. She is sure that Karan will cry a lot on Preeta’s death and need a shoulder. She wants to become his support and win his heart.

She tells Sherlyn that they can plan a road accident and no one will doubt on them. Sherlyn asks Mahira to stay relieved. She promises to help Mahira. Sherlyn tells her that Preeta will soon be out of their lives forever. Shrishti asks Preeta about Karan’s gift. Preeta denies it. Shrishti asks her to show the gift, else she will tell Sarla. Preeta tells her that Karan gifted her some dupatta. She has hidden the gift. Shrishti wants to check it. Preeta knew Shrishti will spy and find out. She hides the gift in Shrishti’s cupboard.

Preeta also experiences first love kind of feeling for Karan. Shrishti is glad that Karan is rectifying his mistakes. She likes his kind gesture. She asks Preeta to tell the truth of Luthra family reactions. Preeta tells that everyone spoke to her nicely, Dadi hugged her as well. She gets emotional. Shrishti asks her to get a mobile for her, by telling Karan that Sameer broke her mobile. Shrishti finds her very happy. She is hopeful that everything will be fine. Sherlyn and Mahira get ahead with their conspiracy. Sherlyn asks Mahira to accompany her. They meet the assassin. She gives the money and asks him to just knock down Preeta by the truck.

The assassin agrees to do her work. Sherlyn and Mahira ask him the plan of action. He tells her that he will hit Preeta by his truck. Preeta takes care of her family. She gets ready to go to Luthra house to check on Dadi’s state. She tells that she will cross check and have another therapy session. Sarla happily wishes Preeta, since she feels Preeta is going for a new battle with Luthras. She doesn’t believe Luthras easily. Sarla tells that Luthras act sweet, but hate Preeta. She is stressed.

Mahira asks Sherlyn why is she doing this when they aren’t related. Sherlyn tells her that she can’t share her parents or lover’s love with anyone. Mahira asks Sherlyn why is she helping her unconditionally. Sherlyn tells about her hatred for Preeta. Mahira wants to know the story. Sherlyn tells Mahira that even her husband is after Preeta. Mahira asks her about Rishabh. Sherlyn tells about her first husband Prithvi. Mahira thinks she is joking. Sherlyn is glad that Mahira didn’t concentrate on her truth. She wants to see Preeta dying. Preeta falls in danger.

Best comment on Kundali Bhagya’s last post by Vic:
My household has stopped watching these series a long time ago. Plots upon plots, there is a limit. They have both has reached their peaks and now steadily declining in excitement.

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