Sony Beyhadh Mrityunjay swears revenge Maya celebrates

Beyhadh Huge twists Mrityunjay promises hell to Maya

Sony Beyhadh Mrityunjay swears revenge Maya celebrates Roy family get a huge shock when Rudra gets Rishi’s dead body home. Anjana cries for Rishi. Rudra tells her that Rishi is dead. Mrityunjay breaks down with Rishi’s death. Maya also feels sorry that she had to kill innocent Rishi to take revenge on Mrityunjay. Roy family conduct the final rites of Rishi. Rudra and Mrityunjay are both sunken in sorrow. They never imagined Rishi will commit suicide.

Rudra meets Maya and shares the bad news with her. Maya consoles him. Rudra starts depending on Maya. Mrityunjay swears to Rishi’s ashes that he will get justice for him, by killing the girl who provoked him for suicide. He exhibits his anger. Maya is confident that Mrityunjay’s time is over. She feels her time has started and she will rule for sure. Mrityunjay wants revenge at any cost.

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Yeh Rishta Terrific twists

Colors Vidya Upcoming:

Vidya is accused to poison the kids of her school. She gets some time to prove her innocence. She takes Avtaar’s help and hatches a plan to nab the culprit. She tells that Tripathi is the weak link and changes the side pretty soon. She asks Avtaar to target Tripathi. Nanku awaits Vidya in the jail. Vidya calls Tripathi to meet her. Tripathi admits his mistake. He begs Vidya to forgive him. Ranjana gets Vidya attacked.

She wants Vidya to lose all the evidences. Vidya provokes Ranjana to admit the truth. She hides the camera. She records Ranjana’s confession. Ranjana tells Vidya that Nanku is behind the school disaster. Vidya uses pepper spray on Ranjana and runs away. Ranjana chases Vidya to kill. Avtaar intervenes to save Vidya. Will Vivek come to Vidya’s rescue and believe in her innocence? Keep reading.


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