Yeh Rishta Terrific twists tonight Kartik Naira unite

Terrific twists tonight Kartik Naira unite
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Yeh Rishta Terrific twists tonight Kartik Naira unite Kartik controls his anger after sharing Vedika’s truth with Naira. Naira tells him that they shouldn’t expose Vedika’s truth to the family right away and instead try to explain Vedika about her big mistake. She tells Kartik that they can’t forget the years Vedika has given to the family. She asks him to change Vedika’s thinking so that Vedika moves on in life. She tells him that they will make a plan to make Vedika admit her mistake so that she understands it herself. He comes back to the family and apologizes to them. He makes a story of a new launch getting postponed and leaving him upset.

The family wants him to understand the ups and downs in the business. Manish asks him not to get angry over any loss. Kartik apologizes to Vedika which makes her happy. He also apologizes to Kairav and Vansh for scaring them by his anger. He promises to never get angry like that. Vedika thinks if Kartik is hiding something. Kairav tells her that Kartik has made a plan, but doesn’t want anyone to know about it. She suspects Kartik and Naira. Naira asks the family to complete the puja and make their wishes. Kartik fools Vedika after shocking her by his word that he knows everything. She gets tensed thinking he is talking about her lie.

Kartik asks Vedika to sign on the papers, since he is opening a diamond business on her name. Vedika gets excited and thinks this is the best gift from him. Kartik and Vedika sign the papers. He plans this story to take her signs on the divorce papers. Vedika tells that they will be leaving for their honeymoon. Kartik finds the excuse of the new business. He delays the trip. He tells that he has booked the ticket for the next time. Vedika feels insecure of Naira. Vansh tells the family about his school project.

He calls Vedika a superwoman, since she has donated a kidney to Naira and still managed her life like any normal person. Vedika feels guilty when the Goenkas praise her. She takes good care of the family. Kartik asks Vedika not to have any exertion, since she is surviving on one kidney. She tells him that she is feeling odd that he is mentioning about the kidney donation again. She asks him the reason for his weird behavior. Kartik tells her that there is nothing such. She finds him getting Naira’s call and lying to her. This worries her a lot. She calls Pallavi to tell about Kartik’s strange behavior.

Pallavi asks her not to fear of getting exposed, Kartik will never know the truth. Vedika hurries for the trip. She wishes the night passes soon. She tries to sleep. Kartik goes out at night and meets Naira. Vedika follows him and finds him with Naira. Kartik hugs Naira to make Vedika more angry. Kartik and Naira plan to depart. Vedika becomes an obstacle for them. She shouts aloud and wakes up the entire family by the noise. She confronts Kartik and Naira for cheating her. She counts her favors on Naira. Kartik tells that he can’t live without Naira and Kairav. He declares that he is going away to live with his family.

Moreover, the family can’t understand the happening. Vedika reminds Kartik his promise. She calls Naira a selfish person to snatch Kartik. Kartik tells the family that Vedika didn’t risk her life to save Naira, she didn’t donate a kidney and faked the surgery just to make him accept the deal. He exposes her truth. He tells them that Vedika lied to him and took advantage of the situation. He tells Vedika that Naira also knows the truth. Vedika is left in shock. Kartik and Naira’s marriage track will be shown.

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  1. How many no of times have Kartik Naira got married in the serial!!!! It just revolves around this.. They getting married & then get separated… Again remarry!!!!!!


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