Kulfi Kumar Devious Lovely Chalu prepares backup

Kulfi Kumar Devious Lovely Chalu prepares backup

Kulfi Kumar Devious Lovely Chalu prepares backup Chalu tries to run away with the recording to save Kulfi and herself. Lovely chases Chalu. The recorder falls down. They try to get the recorder. The police comes to arrest Chalu. The police inspector is related to Lovely. Lovely gets much help. Amyra tells that Sikandar doesn’t respond to them, its just because of Kulfi. Lovely asks Chalu and Kulfi to stop their drama and get out. Kulfi buys some time till the morning. She asks Lovely to let them stay for a while, they will leave in the morning. Inspector allows her.

Kulfi is worried that she couldn’t see Sikandar even once. Lovely and Beauty know that Chalu can’t do anything now. Chalu asks Kulfi why did she confess the truth. She explains the need to lie sometimes to get their desired result. Kulfi asks her how will they find Sikandar. Chalu tells her that they have to snatch the recorder from Lovely first and then make a new plan. Chalu looks for the recorder. She gets a boxing glove in the locker. Beauty laughs on Chalu. Kulfi asks Mohendar to help her. Mohendar is also helpless. He wants to help Kulfi. He opens the cupboard and gives her a hint. Kulfi doesn’t understand his hint.

She goes to Chalu and tells her about Mohendar’s strange words. Chalu tells her that Mohendar has indirectly given them a hint. She is sure to find Sikandar at night. She makes arrangements. She raises the fire alarm by the smoke. Cutie asks everyone to run. Chalu signals Mohendar that its her plan. Beauty calls the fire brigade. Chalu asks Amyra to save Sikandar, he may die in the fire. Amyra and Kulfi beg Lovely to save Sikandar. Lovely goes to check on Sikandar and get him. She is frustrated. Amyra asks her to get Sikandar fast.

Beauty goes to see the fire. She wants to see how much the fire has spread. Lovely goes to the cupboard to go to Sikandar. Beauty shouts to her that its Chalu’s plan, there is no fire breaking out. Lovely fumes on Chalu. Chalu tells Kulfi that she has another plan to reach Sikandar. She gives big hopes to Kulfi. She motivates Kulfi to keep trying and not lose so soon. She tells Kulfi that the first plan failed, but made way for them to proceed. She understands that Sikandar is behind the cupboard passage door. Will Kulfi meet Sikandar? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Bhawani Athreyan:
Kulfi need not worry. She will find her father. Amyra will help kulfi. Bad things always comes to an end and goodness will prevail. Her father will become normal and he will drive out lovely and her family.


  1. Nice episode but we are really missing Sikander very much . Please bring him back and reunite sikander kulfi and Amayra


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