Kumkum Tonight Abhi Pragya New challenges plotting

Kumkum Tonight Abhi Pragya New challenges plotting

Kumkum Tonight Abhi Pragya New challenges plotting Abhi and Pragya have a cute banter while he treats her foot sprain. She likes his care and love. She sinks in their good memories. She tells him that she likes when he doesn’t fight. He asks her to say that she fights him. He tells that he will come to her rescue if anyone teases his pretty wife. Prachi and Shahana revive their old memories when they celebrate Lohri with Mehras. Ranbir is also having fun. He tells that Vikram tried to ask about about the couple. He tells he couldn’t admit if he wants to marry Prachi. He is sure now that he wants to marry only Prachi. Ranbir falls for her. He wishes that she stays happy spending time with him.

Tushar had earlier insulted Prachi. He apologizes to Prachi. Ranbir is worried that the guy is intentionally pleasing Prachi. Prachi forgives Tushar. Aryan hurts Ranbir so that Prachi pays attention to Ranbir. Prachi doesn’t understand their plan. Ranbir reveals about Tushar’s two girlfriends. Meanwhile, Rhea hires Maya for framing Ranbir. Tushar acts smart and tells that he broke up and the other girl is his cousin. Maya meets Ranbir. She initiates a talk and gets him after her. Abhi asks Pragya not to go out and treat his illness.

He feels sick when Pragya goes away. Aaliya interrupts them. Abhi goes to attend call. Aaliya insults Pragya like she is an outsider chasing Abhi. Pragya tells that she is Abhi’s wife, she is helpless to not come back, but she can come back anytime she wants. She gives a pat reply to Aaliya. Aaliya gives her a shocker. She reveals that Pragya’s daughter hates her. Pragya can’t believe this. Aaliya asks her to live with the truth, her daughter’s hatred. She tells that this is the reason that Abhi isn’t getting her home. She tells the truth that her daughter really hates her. Pragya shatters and goes away.

Ranbir spends time with Maya, unaware of her intentions. He falls in her plan on own. Rhea is happy that Maya is doing a good work. Prachi finds Ranbir flirting with Maya. She feels jealous. Aryan is glad seeing Prachi’s reaction. He messages Ranbir that Prachi is growing jealous. Ranbir sees Prachi and thinks to act more close to Maya. Maya asks Rhea for drugs to administer to Ranbir. He wants to make Prachi more jealous. Rhea feels sorry to defame Ranbir. She thinks everything is fair in love and war. Ranbir flirts further. Maya is glad that he is charmed by her already.

Prachi gets angry and asks Shahana how can he flirt with someone on the occasion of Lohri, when its a family function. Shahana asks her if she is jealous. Prachi admits that she is jealous. Prachi feels Vikram will not like it to see Ranbir and Maya together. Vikram excuses Ranbir and tells that he likes Maya for him. He asks Ranbir to impress the girl and also her mum if he wants to marry her. Ranbir is glad to get a solution. Vikram tells him that he wants to see the girl of his dreams. He gets spying. Ranbir apologizes to Maya. Maya tells him that Vikram’s advice was right, she can help him in winning his lover. She asks him to win the girl’s heart.

Ranbir agrees to do as she tells him. Abhi comes back to Pragya and finds her gone. He asks Aaliya about Pragya. He wants to know why did Aaliya tell her. Aaliya tells him that she told Pragya that her daughter hates her. Abhi wants Aaliya to stay out of his matter. She asks him to meet Pragya and spend time, if she won’t tolerate Pragya disturbing Rhea’s life. He tells that Pragya is Rhea’s mother. She asks him not to force Rhea and break her heart by getting Pragya in Rhea’s life. She tells that she won’t let Rhea and Pragya meet. He tells her that he will unite them. She asks him to know Rhea’s wish before taking any step.

He asks her to stay away and not interfere. She doesn’t listen. She wants to get involved and go against him for Rhea’s sake. He asks her to stay in limits. He asks Aaliya to take care of her family first. He tells that Purab and Aryan are her family, not Rhea. Aaliya asks him to make Rhea abandon her.

She feels he didn’t forgive her yet. Rhea overhears them. Abhi warns Aaliya. Rhea can’t see Aaliya crying. Abhi asks Rhea to meet her mum. Rhea tells that she doesn’t want to meet her mum, since Aaliya is motherly figure for her. Abhi gets disheartened. Aaliya asks Abhi to understand that he can never make Pragya and Rhea meet. She isn’t aware that Rhea has already met Pragya and is to fond of her genuine love.

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