Yeh Rishta Hilarious swap Kartik Naira wedding confusion

Yeh Rishta Hilarious swap Kartik Naira wedding confusion

Yeh Rishta Hilarious swap Kartik Naira wedding confusion Kartik and Naira get into the similar moment when their wedding attires get stuck in some nail. Naira wishes that her lahenga doesn’t tear up. She eases it out, but Kartik ends up tearing the sherwani. He finds it hard to go to the temple in a torn sherwani. He rushes to some garment shop to buy a new sherwani, even when he knows that he can’t be late for the wedding. He doesn’t want to adjust with torn sherwani. Naira goes to the temple with Gayu. The family is worried that the food got spoiled. Dadi scolds the pandit for not telling him about the monkeys’ attack.

She asks why didn’t he alert them before. Pandit shows the caution board. Manish criticizes his poor efforts. Pandit gets upset. Suwarna asks him not to feel bad and get ahead with the puja rituals. Naira is happy that her lahenga is saved and now she will be reaching on time. The family prepares the food once again. They plan beautiful decorations as well. Kairav and Vansh look after the garlands, knowing the last time disaster when Kaira lost their garland in their marriage. Kartik comes across a groom Kamal, who is wearing a similar sherwani like him.

Kartik doesn’t think that Kamal might be going to the same nearby temple for marriage and a confusion may happen. He tells Kamal that his sherwani is torn and he came to get a new one quickly. Kamal goes in Kartik’s car by mistake. Their cars and drivers are also similar. Kamal reaches the temple instead Kartik, who is busy boasting of his looks in the trial room. Kartik wants to surprise Naira with his stunning attire. He gets locked up in the trial room. He shouts for help. Kairav runs to Naira when she arrives. He leaves the garlands unattended.

Meanwhile, a young couple comes to the temple for marriage. They forget the garlands and take Kaira’s garlands. Naira gets emotional to get married in Kairav’s presence, since she never imagined to see such a lovely day in her life after her separation with Kartik. The family awaits Kartik, but Kamal arrives there. They get mistaken that he is Kartik. They give Kamal a grand welcome. Kamal is marrying against his wish. He doesn’t see Naira’s face because of the rituals told by Dadi. He assumes her to be his lover Monica.

He thinks of his family who denies to be part of his family. He assumes Goenkas and Singhanias to be Monica’s family whom he didn’t met before. The series of misunderstandings go on from both the parties. Naira wants Kartik to get mesmerized seeing her. She wonders why isn’t he praising her looks. Surekha cries happily again and again, that her sons are coming. Kamal gets puzzled and gets on assuming things. Kartik asks the shop owner to call Naira or his family members. He passes the numbers. He fails to connect to anyone since he already left his phone in his car. The man tells him that his family isn’t answering.

Kartik doesn’t know that the family members have put their phones on silent, inside the temple. Kartik finds a duct there and decides to leave from there, when the man refuses to break the door. Kartik faces difficulty, but saves her new sherwani from getting torn. He reaches the main road and struggles to get a lift. He gets irritated that people don’t have humanity these days. He doesn’t get any help. Dadi asks pandit to begin the Varmaka rituals. Kamal and Naira doubt on each other’s silence. Manish gives a dance challenge to Singhanias. Both the families dance happily. Kamal enjoys his time with them and finds them really good-hearted and sweet.

Dadi asks Naira and Kartik to exchange the garlands. Surekha tries to delay the rituals since her sons are on the way. They lose the garlands. They see a couple wearing the garlands. The couple apologizes. Dadi is worried by the blunder. She tells that they should have not kept the marriage in the temple so far on the city outskirts. Kamal reacts and gets caught by them.

They get a huge shock by the biggest blunder. They confront Kamal for taking Kartik’s place. Kartik gets into trouble when he struggles to reach the temple. The scene gets hilarious when he fails to get anyone’s help. Naira threatens Kamal to know about Kartik. Kartik tries managing to reach in time. Kartik and Naira will get married after much confusion.

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