Kumkum Upcoming Spoiler Zee Bahu Begum twists

Kumkum Upcoming Spoiler Zee Bahu Begum twists

Kumkum Upcoming Spoiler Zee Bahu Begum twists Pragya asks Abhi if he cares for her so much then why did he get angry? Abhi says they shall not talk about it, as if they talk then will have an argument and if they have an argument then she knows what may happen. They don’t want to discuss about Rishi and Priyanka’s matter. Abhi too has gotten over it. Rishi and Priyanka’s track ends midway. Pragya says they shall not fight on festival day. Abhi says when we love then we shall not fight. Pragya says I feel good when you don’t fight.

Abhi adds, she shall tell that she feels good when she doesn’t fight with him. Pragya smiles. Abhi bandages her foot and treats her sprain. Aaliya gives medicine to Maya to make Ranbir drowsy and fall in the trap. Maya will accuse Ranbir of molestation charges, but Prachi will take a stand for Ranbir. Prachi and others will try to expose Maya’s lie. Poor Ranbir will be struck badly by Aaliya and Rhea’s plan.

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Bahu Begum: Azaan comes home and tells Razia that he has signed a music contract with U Series and shares his happiness with the family. Noor and Razia are happy. Azaan then challenges Noor that he will get back his haveli from her. He says you have slapped me that day. He tells that he will slap her today. He is about to slap her, but Razia holds his hand and stops him. She says you were going to raise your hand on a woman. She says you are getting happy for the success so much, do you know it is because of whom? She says it is because of Noor.

She tells him that Noor had recorded his song and uploaded it on the internet. She says Noor didn’t buy the Begum Mahal but saved it from mortgaging. She says if Noor had not bought it then it would have been sold by now. Azaan is shocked by Razia’s revelation and feels bad to mistrust Noor.

Kahaan Hum Tum Star plus twists

Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki wants to become CM and take support of Hanuman Singh. She plays gambling with the politicians. She wants to convince the ministers to support her. She tells that once she becomes CM, she will think of everyone’s profits. She tricks everyone into believing her. She doesn’t want Ganga and Mishra to win, knowing they are too evil-minded. She changes Ganga’s game by instigating the ministers against Ganga. Hanuman believes Nimki and agrees to lend support to her.


  1. Use to love KKB , even though story was never that great , but now I just dont understand almost same story again and again and again no one gets caught same as before with Tannu and all ,atleast back then the leads had chemistry but after leap and in this track thats not even there , so not sure what are they showing , it amazes me when Sriti and Shabir still on this show there is no story and they are good actors, are they not finding any other work , no offence to anyone intended just bad show and story, now we dont even feel like watching reruns , as whats happening in the show , they should end this show.


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