Kahaan Hum Tum Stormy Suman raging revelation

Kahaan Hum Tum Stormy Suman raging revelation

Kahaan Hum Tum Stormy Suman raging revelation Tanya prepares for the exhibition and takes Pooja’s help. Tanya awaits Deepa eagerly. Deepa arrives there and gives the proof of Rohan and Pari’s affair. Deepa tells her that the proof may hurt her. Tanya tells that she wants to see Rohan cheating her. Deepa asks her not to do this madness. Akash learns about Rohan and Pari’s affair. He gets enraged and finds Tanya in pain. He goes to Sonakshi to break the truth. Sonakshi likes Tanya’s jewellery designs. He scolds Sonakshi for not controlling Pari. He tells that Pari has killed Tanya’s happiness and marriage.

Sonakshi can’t believe this. She learns the shocker of Rohan and Pari’s affair. He tells about Tanya’s tears. Sonakshi meets Tanya and finds her broken. Tanya is disturbed seeing the video clip. Sonakshi is also shocked to see that. She stops Tanya from blaming herself for Rohan’s mistake. Veena finds them leaving and comes across the same video clip. She gets disturbed and angered on Pari. She tells Rohit that Sonakshi’s family is after her family. Rohit doesn’t understand the matter. He rushes to ask Sonakshi about it. Sonakshi pacifies Tanya in the best way possible.

Rohit overhears the shocking truth that Rohan and Pari are having an affair. He also accuses Pari for wooing a married man. He feels Pari’s huge mistake can’t be forgiven. He recalls that Pari leaked Pooja’s truth and hurt his family. Sonakshi swears to not forgive Pari. She asks Rohit to console Tanya. He bursts his anger on her for her sister’s mistake. Rohit and Sonakshi try to fix things. They get ahead with Tanya’s jewellery exhibition. Pari’s mistake gets revealed. Veena insults Suman for not controlling her daughter Pari.

She reveals Pari and Rohan’s affair. Suman refuses to accept the humiliation. She instead asks Veena about not controlling her husband Naren, who had an extra-marital affair. Stormy Suman also reveals that Naren is Pooja’s biological father. She asks Veena if she doesn’t know about Naren’s illegitimate child. Veena is struck by the harsh truth, which she never imagined. Pooja too can’t believe Naren’s ugly truth. Pooja and Veena don’t forgive Naren.

Suman unmasks Naren’s dual face to defend her daughters. Rohit gets too upset with loose tongued Suman. Sonakshi gets panicking seeing both the families having a huge fight. Will the ugly clash affect Rohit and Sonakshi’s relation once again? Will Sippys and Rohit blame Sonakshi for Suman’s blurt out? Keep reading.

Best Comment by Amarjeet Kaur:

Sona has been nothing but trouble for rohit and family since she married. Rohit is too kind and she doesn’t deserve him. She mother’s him more than looking up to him as her husband. Real trouble maker, in fact her whole family, dominating mother and flirtatious sister. Too much of the adoption story, should move away to something else.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kahaan Hum Tum Stormy Suman raging revelation: 4/5
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  1. Please show some loving scenes of Ronakshi… Since married both are stressed… Please we want to see their bonding not seperation…

  2. Some romantic and better understanding part of ronakshi should be shown..like some normal days…so much drama does not happen in a family and that too in sequence…mann give us a gap please…now even before their honeymoon we will see their divorce sequence or what!!! normal people have some quality time romance after man show some honeymoon sequence ..show them visiting other countries without their problematic family interfering especially that big mouthed suman and the oversmart Ajit..please give us a break man please..one after another problem in ronakshi life.When he will learn to trust his wife.Sonakshi is not at fault man

  3. Why it is shown that aal the troubles are in Sonakshi’s life only? Please show some romance also. Otherwise this will become boring. Everytime Ronakshi are shown fightimg with each other and the whole family blames sona only. Even Rohit do not listen to her point of view. Please show something different. Please…

  4. Too much drama showcasing .
    Sona is mixing her Reel life with Real we are literally watching kahani Parvati ki instead Khkt .
    This adoption trk is dragging like never ebfijg story .
    We want more o Ronakshi moments not the stereotyped daily soap ..pls

  5. The daily soap is turning out to be very boring…people will soon stop watching it… So also the math involved in it is incorrect.. First n foremost, Rohit cannot be an intern at 18. To be an intern one has to finish studies for at least 4.5 yrs after 12th std. That itself would make anyone aged 23 . And if pooja was born that time…n if now she is 21 Then Rohit should be at least43 yrs old. Veena in the New Year episode says that she n naren have been married for the last 35 yrs… So everything has gone haphazard.. The writer has to check everything all over again… Plz do not take your viewers for granted…

  6. Please the producers should stop targetting Sonakshi all the time. Please let us see something new and some romance in ronakshi. We are tired of Sonakshi been always targetted and at the receiving end


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