Kundali Bhagya Preeta framed Karan promises Rishabh

Kundali Bhagya Preeta framed Karan promises Rishabh

Kundali Bhagya Preeta framed Karan promises Rishabh Ramona requests Rakhi not to invite Preeta home, since Preeta has tried to break Mahira’s engagement. She asks Rakhi not to hire Preeta as a physiotherapist for Dadi. She promises to get the best doctor home. She asks Rakhi to keep Preeta away from the family. Kareena supports Ramona. She tells them that everyone was tensed for her mother, so she had to conceal the fact that Mahira hates to see Preeta at home. She tells that Mahira feels insecure with Preeta’s coming and she also requested the same. Dadi agrees to Ramona and Kareena.

Kareena tells hat she will call Preeta and stop her from coming home. Sherlyn informs Kareena about Mahira’s accident. The family gets big shock on hearing this bad news. They want to rush to the hospital. Dadi feels ache in her foot. She fails to walk. Rakhi stays back to take care of Dadi. Karan and Rishabh reach the airport. Karan doesn’t want Rishabh to go. Rishabh asks him to express his wish. Karan asks him not to go. Rishabh tells that he will be back in three days, its important to attend the meeting. Rishabh asks Karan to call him whenever he misses him.

He tells that they can talk anytime. He makes Karan promise that he won’t do anything wrong, since everything is getting fine in the family now. He signs about Preeta. Doctor treats Mahira and tells about her minor injuries. Mahira gets conscious soon. Shrishti cries and tells Preeta that she is scared to lose her sister. Preeta pacifies Shrishti knowing that nothing can happen to them when they have Sarla’s blessings. Preeta cheers up Shrishti. Sherlyn plans something worse. She calls the police to report about Mahira’s accident.

Ramona and Kareena come at the same time. They ask about Mahira. Preeta tells them that Mahira’s treatment is going on. She introduces herself to the police. Sherlyn lies to the police that Preeta is behind the accident. Inspector wants to take Preeta to the police station. Preeta tells that she was just present at the accident site. Sherlyn shocks them by telling that Preeta was trying to kill Mahira and intentionally pushed Mahira in front of the truck. Preeta and Shrishti get a bad shock. Ramona and Kareena believe Sherlyn.

Karan returns home and finds Rakhi and Dadi tensed. He asks the reason. Rakhi tells that Preeta did not come. He thinks of Preeta. Rakhi tells him about Mahira’s accident. He gets worried too. Mahira tells the doctor that she is acting to be ill, since her life is in danger. She complains about Preeta. He doesn’t believe her. She asks him to just help her by stating her case as critical. She tries to bribe him. He doesn’t want to lie. She threatens to commit suicide. She compels him to help her. She feels she will be safe in the hospital. He agrees to take money from her. He asks if Preeta really tried to kill her.

Preeta and Shrishti try to clear their names. Ramona threatens them. Doctor lies on Mahira’s saying. Preeta wants to meet Mahira. She tells inspector that Mahira will tell the truth that she is innocent. Sherlyn tells that she isn’t lying. Preeta tells about Sherlyn’s personal enmity with her. Inspector permits her to meet Mahira.

Kareena also blames Preeta. Preeta thinks she got badly stuck. Shrishti is also worried thinking if Mahira also frames Preeta. Inspector tells Preeta that he is doing his duty and allows her to meet Mahira. Preeta meets Mahira to get her welfare. She tells Mahira about Sherlyn calling the police and accusing her for the accident. Mahira also blames Preeta. Preeta gets arrested. She shouts out her truth. Shrishti challenges that she will free Preeta from the jail.

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  1. We actually pay so much to watch such nonsense, dear writer can u come to plot conclusions before u create more drama. U are losing the plot and creating more and more . Its not worth watching anymore

  2. Terrible…. Total rubbish…..when Wil sherlyn get caught.? … When is Mr luthra going to wakup from the coma? Won’t watch this nonsense any more

  3. This is too much like how much an innocent should be blamed. And when will the Luthras accept Preeta. When Sherlyn will be caught. So much of mis behaviour of the Luthras with the Aroras
    It is enough. No one will tolerate so much of ill behaviour.

  4. The writer of this show is obviously confused. No truth has been revealed since day 1. The villain gets away with everything. They should stop the show already

  5. This is too much. Never ending serial. Nonsense to watch. When Sherlyn Will get exposed. Don’t waste your time in watching this serial. Karan should come forward and support Preeta. Now is the high time to Mahesh to wakeup from Coma and expose Sherlyn.

  6. It is loosing its charm.I returned from Australia after one year but suspense still exists about Sherlins pregnancy.Physically no sign on her body it should be stopped broadcasting by channel or we should black out it

  7. Long long dialogues in kumkum and kundali bhagya have now started boring us. Now these 2 serials shud end annew serials to come up.
    Prithvi and shyrlyn escape and abhi and priya n prachi nnever meet together. Getting boring. Pls fi ish and start new ones

  8. I’m so fed up not once truth prevails, what kinda story line ?sherlyn pregnant many months like an elephant ???and and like they think we’re losing our memory like Ekta ???.watching stupidity

  9. This serual is proving how it can create silly drama .. normal girl takes 9 months to delever a baby . Sherlyn pregnancy was detected last year she still didn’t delever and no sign of her pregnancy .. bull shit thank God I stopped watching this shit.

  10. The makers has gone totally mad. Repeating the same things again in the show. This serial must be ended, if the makers have nothing new in it.
    Highly disappointed with it.


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