Tujhse Raabta heartbreaking twists Shakti final leaving

Tujhse Raabta heartbreaking twists Shakti final leaving

Tujhse Raabta heartbreaking twists Shakti final leaving spoiler Heer brings Soumya inside the house. Shanno is surprised and shocked by the development. Soumya understands that whatever Preeto is doing, is for Heer’s betterment and thinks she can do anything for Heer. She makes Heer ready for the Lohri celebration. During the Lohri celebration, Soumya takes some sand in her hand and takes rounds around the Lohri fire promising Preeto that she will never interfere in Heer’s upbringing, but she will return after 16 years to see how he is bringing up Heer. Preeto looks on. Soumya leaves from the house. The show is going to have a leap soon.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhaari: Sweety cries and tells that it has been more than an hour since she had gone to the bathroom. Pappu tells Nanhe lal that another bathroom should be made and asks if there is any problem with that. Alka tries to provoke Jia and says she understand everything now. Pappu asks her not to speak aloud else it won’t be good. Alka asks if he will beat her and asks him to beat her. Pappy gets angry and breaks the water pot. Alka tries to leave from the window, while Gudiya, Sarla and Radhe try to stop her. Radhe gets upset with him and asks him not to talk to him.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani’s betrayal shocks Malhar. He couldn’t believe it, but Kalyani makes him believe that her husband is Rachit now. Malhar asks her to divide the things into two halves, as husband and wife share the things when they get separated. He breaks the watch. He breaks down and asks her to tell what is the reason that she is doing this? Kalyani tells that she is tired of living with him.

She tells that she has taken this decision herself and says she doesn’t know when she will die with him. She says she wants to live a normal life like a normal girl. She says I will not get this happiness staying with you as you can’t give me this happiness. Malhar gets angry and takes out his anger on their bed. He breaks it with an axe. She badly breaks his heart.

Best Comment on Tujhse Hai Raabta last post by Yasmeen:
Yes the way kalyani and malhar fall for each other was quite wonderful. Why can’t they find peace in their lives? At some point can’t they get together without any hassles? All zee tv shows are putting the main couple through too many trials. Please stop this and get going.

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  1. This track brings kalyani malhar come closer and we are enjoying this kalma romantic moments… but , it’s a request to makers plz kalyani malhar properly marriage rituals track plz


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