Kundali Upcoming Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers lined

Kundali Preeta freed Sherlyn caught up Upcoming

Kundali Upcoming Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers lined Sherlyn calls Police in the hospital and tells that she has seen Preeta pushing Mahira in front of the truck. She says Preeta tried to kill her and tells that she is the only eye witness. Preeta and Shristi are shocked. They understand that their enemy Sherlyn is trying to take advantage of the situation. Preeta tries to defend herself. Shrishti tells that she is also an eye witness and can state that Preeta is innocent. Since she is Preeta’s sister, Sherlyn asks police to not value her biased statement.

The Luthra family are in for a shock and couldn’t believe that Preeta could do such a thing. Sherlyn provokes them further to make them insult Preeta. While Rishabh is away, Kareena and Sherlyn get clean chance to target Preeta. Will Karan take a stand for his love Preeta, knowing she can’t hurt anyone? Keep reading.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Amber agrees to do as Nia says while chatting with Bawra Mann. Even Guneet decides to agree to her mum’s sayings. Later in the night, she tells Pummy that she is ready to meet the doctor.

Pummy asks when? Guneet says anytime and hugs her. Amber brings coffee for Nia. Nia sees Ok on it and gets happy. She asks when you will meet the lady and will go on a date? She asks if he is sure and asks him not to refuse later. Amber signs yes. He looks forward to going on a date for Nia’s happiness.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer plans to trap Shahbaz. Ruksar is scared of Kabeer who threatened to kill her. She knows he has gone insane and can really kill her. She gets scared when the power goes off. Zeenat consoles Ruksar. She asks Ruksar to wait for a while, the power will get restored. Shahbaz looks for the reason for power outage. He thinks if Kabeer is behind it. He senses someone’s presence in the house. He alerts Zeenat and Ruksar. Ruksar panics and sticks to Zeenat for protection. Zara takes the old Zara’s disguise to scare them. She wants Shahbaz to feel guilty by fear and admit the crime of killing Kabeer’s wife Zara.



  1. Yaar ye kundali bhagya serial kitna boring hai aur jb se shuru huaa h lagatar boring h ese koe dekhta hi kyu hai? Mujhe to yhi smjh nhi aata es serial me 3 saal se pura prithavi aur shrelyan ko ketana dikhaya jata hai aur achachae ko harana dikhate hain just like preeta had hai yaar publicity ke chakkar me insaniyat tk nhi dikhate show me aisa kaise hobsakta h …mera hisab ye ye serial dekhna band kar de sabhi log tvi maker kuch change karenge ….

  2. 1 number ka sadu serial hai kundali bhagya shuru se lekar aj tk bs ek hi story dikha rahen prithavi shreyan ki jeet aur preeta ki haar had hoti h bhae ese sab dekhna band kar do dimank kharab story hai …aur usi cheek ko kheechate rahte hai kareena shreyan aur ab mahira ramola sab pagalo ki bheed hai


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