Starplus Kulfi Kumaar Sikandar finally meet Twists today

Starplus Kulfi Kumaar Sikandar finally meet Twists today

Starplus Kulfi Kumaar Sikandar finally meet Twists today Chalu doesn’t lose out in her plans. She proves that she is born to be a winner. She inspires Kulfi also. Lovely scolds Chalu a lot. She calls Chalu a big liar. She reminds that sunrise is about to happen, which means that Chalu and Kulfi have to leave the house. She asks Amyra not to believe Kulfi. Beauty asks Lovely not to worry. Lovely tells Kulfi that she won’t let her meet Sikandar at any cost. Kulfi gets broken. Chalu tells her that she knew her plan may fail, so her back up was also in action at the same time. She surprises Kulfi by her smartness.

She tells that she had put a chemical under Lovely’s slipper, which will illuminate in the darkness. She tells that they have to follow the glowing foot marks to reach Sikandar. They try to find the foot marks and reach Sikandar’s room. The marks stop near the cupboard. Chalu opens the cupboard and just get to see the clothes. Kulfi tells that she feels Sikandar is close. Chalu doesn’t get to find him. She tells that even this plan got failed. Beauty catches them trying new tricks and reprimands them. She asks them to just go away. Kulfi begs Lovely to let her see Sikandar once.

Lovely asks her to go away to Chirauli and never come back. Kulfi sheds tears in memory of Sikandar. She recalls their good times. She makes a prayer that she reaches him. Kulfi sings an emotional song. It reaches Sikandar. He reacts on hearing it. Kulfi feels his presence in the music room and sleeps there. The police comes again. Kulfi looks for Chalu. Lovely tells her that fake Nimrat and her assistants have run away already. She plans to kill Kulfi. Kulfi cries to leave the house. She asks Amyra to remember Sikandar’s words, that family is always family. Lovely asks her to leave and not manipulate Amrya. Kulfi hugs Amyra.

Police makes Kulfi away and take her. Amyra is sent to her room. Mohendar wants to help Kulfi. Kulfi expects him to help. She gets her last hope pinned on him, but he gets scared of Lovely. Kulfi runs from the police. She runs to Sikandar’s room and hides inside the cupboard. She reaches the secret room and meets Sikandar. She gets overjoyed to meet him. They get into an emotional moment.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5 Torture on poor Kulfi
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Best comment by Bhawani Athreyan:

Nice episode but we are really missing Sikander very much. Please bring him back and reunite Sikander Kulfi and Amyra.

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  1. I don’t understand the point of continuing this show. Just repeated mental torture on am 8 year old. The same plot has been going on since ages. Makers, if you really have gone out of ideas, it’s better to stop this show instead of ruining it further.

  2. It’s not fair for Kulfi and Sikkander to go through so much misery and Loveleen to have the best of everything all the time in this story.
    Amyra seems to love her foster father, Sikkander and is not aware of the harm done to Sikkander by her own mother but is made to believe that only Kulfi has brought about this condition.
    Although only a soap box tele series, it is too much for us tele viewers to bear up, especially when all the problems are woven round the little girl Kulfi.
    Loveleen’s cruel intentions and acts are strengthened by Cutie and Beautie only a Sweetie is to come.
    Loveleen’s sentence in prison has been far too short and in her mind, she is plotting to kill Kulfi now.
    If Kulfi Kumar Bajewala series is to end soon, shouldn’t Loveleen be made to suffer many times more for her sins than Kulfi is going through daily from the time her mother, Nimrat passed away?
    Amyra too is softened when Kulfi reminds her of the good values given to them by Sikkander is mentioned but helpless because Loveleen has brainwashed her into thinking that Kulfi only has harmed her father.
    Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is a tele series watched and loved by families with children in many countries of the world. If Kulfi continues to have problems and not easily reunited with her father with Loveleen continuing with her wicked ways, little children who watch will lose faith in God.

  3. Morning…
    Im also upset of what happening I dont want to watch anymore bcz its only her that goes through all the battles…and she is to small..
    when will she and her farther and Amayra be happy….let Lovely go through all the pain for what she have done to Kulfi….short time in gail and then she is out….

  4. This is too much why torture an 8yrs old and give all fun and happiness to that fatlern is that entertaining what are you portraying in this soap anyway


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