Kundali Bhagyya Mahira fatal accident Shocking allegation

Kundali Bhagyya Mahira fatal accident Shocking allegation

Kundali Bhagyya Mahira fatal accident Twists ahead Preeta goes to meet the Luthras to treat Bani Dadi. She thinks of Karan while she crosses the journey. Sherlyn gets glad to see Preeta at her target. She tells Mahira that Preeta is going to die. Mahira knows the reason for Preeta’s happiness. Sherlyn calls the assassin and asks him to knock down Preeta. He assures to fulfill the task. Preeta goes to help a little girl and gets saved. Sherlyn asks the assassin not to miss the target this time. He asks Sherlyn and Mahira to push the Preeta from the footpath to the road. She tells Mahira that she has done a lot for her already. Mahira can do anything to get rid of Preeta.

Sherlyn thinks to record a video of Mahira pushing Preeta in front of the truck so that she can control Mahira if she goes against her in future. She boasts of her smartness. She wants Mahira to be her puppet. Mahira sees Sherlyn close. She hides from Preeta. She gets ready to push her. Shrishti also reaches the market. She finds Preeta there. She goes to meet Preeta. She is happy for Preeta and Karan’s love story. Sherlyn asks the assassin to hit Preeta. Mahira pushes Preeta, but instead gets hurt by the truck. Her heel breaks at the same time, which makes her lose balance.

Shrishti saves Preeta’s life just in time. Sherlyn worries for her plan going so wrong. She rushes to help Mahira. Preeta and Shrishti see Sherlyn and Mahira. Kareena takes care of her mother. Dadi waits for Preeta. Karan tells Kareena that she isn’t a doctor like Preeta. Rishabh and Karan take care of Dadi. They await Preeta. They are sure that Preeta will come. Servant tells Rakhi that Karan is happy because of Preeta. Rakhi wants her lucky charm Preeta to come. Rishabh makes his plan to go abroad for a short trip. Karan wants to drop him to the airport. Kareena knows that Karan will try to convince Rishabh on the way to not go away.

Rishabh bids a farewell to his family. Karan and Rishabh leave from the house. Shrishti wants to catch the truck driver for the accident. The driver races the truck and flees. Preeta and Shrishti take care of Mahira and try to rush her to the hospital. Sherlyn tells that they will take Mahira in her car parked nearby. Sarla is tensed that Luthras will insult Preeta. Biji and Janki try to pacify Sarla. Janki tells Sarla that Luthras need Preeta right now and won’t insult her. Biji agrees. She tells Sarla that Rishabh will always support Preeta. Sarla agrees that Rishabh will help Preeta.

She feels unwell because of tension. Janki asks her to keep hope, their relations with Luthras will get better. Sarla doesn’t think anyone will get fine. Sarla tells that Mahira is also rude and arrogant like Kareena. Sherlyn feels her plan flopped badly. Preeta arranges a doctor in short notice and sends Mahira for the treatment. She asks the doctor to save Mahira at any cost. Sherlyn feels Preeta is lucky to get saved. She is worried to tell the family about Mahira’s accident. She wonders how did Mahira fall.

Shrishti warns Sherlyn against staring at Preeta in an evil way. Sherlyn tells that she has least interest in it. Shrishti feels Preeta would have met with an accident if she didn’t reach on time and saved her. Dadi asks about Preeta. Kareena feels she won’t come. Rakhi is sure that Preeta will come. Ramona returns home. She learns that Preeta didn’t come. She finds Rakhi upset. She advises her not to call Preeta home. She makes a request for the sake of Mahira. Sherlyn blames Preeta for trying to kill Mahira. She makes entire Luthra family against Preeta once again with the shocking allegation.

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Best Comment by A.G:

Who is writing this? Totally Rubbish. The writers have forgotten that Sherlyn is pregnant just the same way in KumKum Bhagya with Tanu, never ending pregnancy. Both these shows have lost their zest. Then men treat their women/lady love so poorly and yet they go back to them, seriously! There is no forgiveness if a Man leaves a woman on the streets in the middle of the night. What kind of message are you sending out? And how come Bad always wins over Good?


    • This is a very senseless story. The most useless series I have ever watched. The writer is trying to remain relevant. It is a matter of time, the writer and producer will soon lose popularity. Sherlyns stomach is still flat. It must be a super pregnancy. And in this film, it is always okay to treat a woman like dirt. In real life preeta would have relocated and cut all ties from an ungrateful family like the luthras. Anyway it can only happen in kundali bayaga

  1. This is so boring.. Why is the writers always favoring sherlyn and her wicked evil ways… Over preeta and her family.. Really disappointed.,

    • That’s so true ……. always shrylin doing peeta an her family bad an getting away..plus karan and his dumb Ass family believing shrylin which they know how this bitch is…but den again it’s the wrighter

  2. Kundali Bhagya used to be my most favorite show along with kumkum bhagya but i stopped watching both recently coz i got so disappointed seeing all lies n plots by sherlyn n aaliya b successful all the time..shrlyn is forever pregnant n flat..prithvi gets saved by foolish family members..

  3. I know its just a story.. But as someone who watches these show it really.. What messages they really sending… You have to be wicked, evil, rude, a liar and conniving to prosper in this world.. No longer it pays to be good. kind, caring. Etc.. Writer please do better soon

  4. In kundli bhagya , prithibi and sherlin looks professional criminal . They could never trap . This is base of serial. We are too stupid to watch this Bakwas serial

  5. Who ever is writing this movie is writing shit..sherilyn is pregnant since early last year her belly haven’t shown as yet and now she is getting away with all her plans against preeta .Why is there strangers jus coming into people houses an living jus so in these movies?Who is miraha were did she come out from? Miraha is fighting for peeta husband wtf this show going like fucking shit now.up till now lurtar father haven’t waken up as yet cause he knows everything about that bitch sherilyn an pritvi….

  6. That’s so true ……. always shrylin doing peeta an her family bad an getting away..plus karan and his dumb Ass family believing shrylin which they know how this bitch is…but den again it’s the wrighter

  7. Fed up with this drama! Not good any more. It’s a pack of s… & crap?!! Writers need to grow up☹️?? not wasting my time on this. Fraustrated ex – fan.

  8. Is Sherlyn carrying a baby elephant? Even elephants have a finite gestation period. How come despite carrying she is flat bellied. Ekta Kapoor has lost her wits. She churns out rubbish.

  9. I’m sorry to say that I need to stop watching this show! Really thought Karan would step up and realize his mistakes now and immediately help Preeta get out of jail! His absolutely lack of respect and ability to believe everyone that’s wrong is now just dragging the show down! Why does he need his brother every time to make decisions! Seriously first he left Preeta in the lurch and now he isn’t even helping her out of jail when he knows she innocent! Rubbish! I was hoping Karan and Preeta would reunite. Honestly, she deserves better as she has always supported Karan! Soo disappointing! Kundali Bhagya and it’s makers you lost my vote! No more a fan!


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