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Colors Spoilers Choti Sarrdarni Shubh Aarambh Vidya Meher and Sarabjeet take the clown disguise for Param’s sake. They accompany Param on the school annual picnic. They want to be sure that Param is fine. They try to cheer up Param. They can’t send Param anywhere alone. They also get Param’s doctor along. Dr. Sanjana takes care of Param and administers medicines to him on time. Meher and Sarabjeet entertain the kids. Yuvi also stays with Param. Sarabjeet thanks Sanjana for doing a lot for his son. Sarabjeet is happy to know that Param got a liver donor. Meher breaks the shocking news to him that the donor refused for the liver donation. It becomes a painful moment for Meher and Sarabjeet. They breaks down. How will Meher save Param’s life? Keep reading.

Shubh Aarambh:

Raja and Rani’s bond got broken when the marriage deal gets known to them. Rani’s brother is blamed for theft. He exposes Raja’s mum for being greedy and asking him for dowry for Rani’s marriage. Rani keeps her esteem and leaves Raja. They meet in the market while buying some kites. They get into a moment. They realize that they should get back to each other. Raja’s aunt stops Rani and asks her to stay away from Raja.

Vidya gets a notice from Vivek. She gets worried on learning that Vivek doesn’t want to postpone the school exams. Vivek wants the exams to be conducted on the scheduled date. Vidya is worried that the kids are still recovering from food poisoning, it will be tough for them to study and pass the exams with good marks in such a situation.

She wanted the kids to get some time to recover and then focus on the studies. Vivek poses the new challenge to Vidya. She tells Vivek that she will not lose to any problem. She doesn’t want the kids’ future to get into risk. She tells him that the kids will write the exams and also pass. She takes his challenge. Vivek gets impressed by her determination.

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