Kumkum Bhaagya Preview Pragya Abhi upcoming

Kumkum Bhaagya Preview Pragya Abhi upcoming

Kumkum Bhaagya Preview Pragya Abhi upcoming Pragya sheds tears thinking of her daughter’s hatred. She hides her sorrow from Abhi. Abhi senses her around. He realizes that she is sad. Prachi tells Shahana that she isn’t interested in Ranbir. Shahana dislikes Maya. Maya suggests Ranbir to make Prachi jealous. She tells that Prachi will be jealous only if she loves him. He thanks her for the tips. Prachi and Shahana keep an eye on them. Shahana gets vibes that Maya has bad intentions. She wants Prachi and Ranbir to become a couple. Aryan wants to talk to Ranbir. Prachi takes Ranbir with her. Ranbir gets happy that his plan is working. He expects her to love him. Rhea and Pragya are sorrowful.

They both unknowingly share their pain. Pragya tells her that their expectations make them cry. She gets emotional while pacifying Rhea. She asks Rhea to accept the reality. Rhea wants to change her past life. She complains about her mom, who left her. She wishes to change everything. Pragya asks her to be thankful for her good life. She asks her to try to change the coming future when she can’t control the past. Rhea wishes that Pragya was her mom.

Pragya tells Rhea that she doesn’t deserve to be someone’s mother. She finds Rhea a good daughter, who deserves a good mother. They have an emotional hug. Rhea tells Pragya that she is really nice and affectionate. She finds Prachi a lucky girl. Pragya sheds tears and goes away. Rhea feels she can never accept the reality.

Ranbir asks Prachi what does she want to tell him at this time. Prachi asks him to be serious. He tells that he is actually serious for her. She doesn’t understand him. She wants him to be away from Maya. She asks if he is drunk that he lost all his confidence. He thinks he is mad in her love.

He lies that he is drunk. She doesn’t want him to get addicted to alcohol. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He gifts her flowers. He praises Maya to make Prachi jealous. She asks him to not meet Maya. He asks her if she is jealous. He tells her that Maya is cute. She angrily walks away. He feels Maya’s plan works. Abhi and Pragya stay disturbed because of Aaliya and Rhea. They both want to unite, only if their daughters accept them. Abhi pacifies her. She wants to know the truth from him, if Aaliya was right about their daughter.

Maya gets ready with her next move. She asks Ranbir to flirt with her further to make Prachi jealous. He doesn’t feel sure if this will be right. Aaliya arranges the drugs and informs Rhea. Vikram tells Pallavi and Dida that Ranbir is in love. Pallavi doesn’t think he is in love. Dida agrees that he is in true love. Rhea calls up Maya to pass the drugs. Rhea hides before Abhi sees her. Ranbir tells Maya that his lover is watching them, he is going to fake romance. Ranbir is sure that Prachi will herself her love for him. Rhea looks for Abhi. Ranbir and Maya’s plan goes on. Prachi gets confused.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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Best comment by Sonia:
The writer is dragging this show too much. Abhi and Pragya will finally know each others daughter. We want to see some more romance between abhi and pragya. The fans are missing this romance between them. This is what keeps the show alive. We want to see the families to reunite but it is taking ages. Moreover until now Pragya doesn’t know that her daughter is always being protected by her own father. Sometimes it is too much.


  1. So right about how this story has been dragged out way too much. Maybe the producers want to keep the suspense and keep fans glued, but really, the show has become unexciting to look forward to. From looking forward to watching it everyday, now I watch it once a week to see if the main characters I have been waiting to unite finally have united. The writers can find ways to excite us by being more creative rather than make us uninterested. It’s time to end this dragged out suspense and let them reveal the truth and find other ways to keep the show exciting.

  2. There is no end to the game plans …really pathetic… Though soap opera some reality has to b shown…in real life no one plays so much game plans…plus abhi and pragya are endlessly playing hide and seek

  3. The writer is dragging this story too far. Every time no happy ending, is this show going to end in tragedy. Please let it end already. It is far the longest series with annoying repetitions.

  4. Will Aliya evil deeds never ever been coming out of what she is doing and Rhea so being bad is good then so boring and Abi and Pragya take too long to be together mxm


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