YRKKH Trisha new entry Shocker awaits Goenkas

YRKKH Trisha new entry Shocker awaits Goenkas

YRKKH Trisha new entry Shocker awaits Goenkas next in the upcoming. Goenkas are in a shock when they see Kamal in Kartik’s place. Naira warns Kamal to tell her about Kartik. She asks for Kartik, but Kamal isn’t aware of anything. Kamal tells her that he doesn’t know Kartik. Naira tells him that he is wearing Kartik’s sherwani. Kamal recalls meeting the groom wearing the similar outfit. He tells that Kartik had gone to the garment shop to buy a new sherwani, after his sherwani got torn. Kartik tries hard to reach Naira. He doesn’t get any lift from any car or truck owners. He gets lift by a kind man going on a two wheeler.

Kartik seeks help and struggles on the slow vehicle to reach the temple in time. Kamal apologizes to Naira. He tells them that he is going to marry Monica, he assumed Naira to be Monica. He clears that he doesn’t know Monica’s family and assumes them to be her family. Goenkas understand the situation. Kamal tells them that Monica would be waiting for him. He tells that his family isn’t happy for his family and didn’t come, so he was happy to get the love from loving families Goenkas and Singhanias. He takes blessings from Dadi, Manish and elders.


He rushes to his bride after they wish him all the best for his marriage. Kartik reaches the temple. He reveals the situation. Kartik and Naira go ahead to get married. Kartik and Naira hug the entire family and share a happy moment. Kaira Vivaah completes. Lav and Kush’s entry happen. They are seen misbehaving with a girl Trisha on the roads. Trisha becomes a reason of clash between Lav and Kush. Lav and Kush will be spoilt brats. Kartik and Naira will together reform Lav and Kush.

Best comment by Neeru Nakra:

Yeh Rishta is playing with law. When Naira left, she was Kartik’s wife and she comes back within 5 years. Vedika marriage with kartik is void so no question of divorce. Kindly study the law before applying it.

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  1. Please be careful while having issues regarding diseases. Same doctor cannot treat both heart and kidney diseases. Here Pallavi is treating both kairav who was having some heart problems and Naira for kidney damaging. And operations could take place same hospit.

  2. Neeru nakkara when naira was bck kaira were divorced ans so vedika marriage was legal so divorce was needed…nothing wrong in law..

    • U r wrong when naira was back aftr 5 yrs kaira were not divorced…they file divorced in kairav custody case,..so before that Vedika and Kartik marraige was completely illegal

  3. I have a one que how many times naira kartik separate in a whole serial they separates again and again only the story base on this. At the time of akshara Naitik the story was so best as compare to kartik naira

  4. Yes yrkkh same to yhm fame Ishita also some time dentist n some time gynecologist
    Hota he hota he many mistakes in serials. Dimag baju ma mukine Njoy karo


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