Kundali Bhaagya Huge Upcoming Karan Preeta faith

Kundali Bhaagya Huge Upcoming Karan Preeta faith connect

Kundali Bhaagya Huge Upcoming Karan Preeta faith connect Preeta informs Mahira about Sherlyn filing a case on her for the accident. She asks Mahira to just tell the truth to the police that the accident wasn’t planned. Mahira shows understanding. Preeta thanks her. She asks Mahira to just tell the police that she isn’t involved. Mahira frames her further by messing up everything in the so called ICU.

She falls on the floor and shouts to Ramona for help. Preeta wonders what is Mahira trying to do. Kareena, Ramona, Sherlun and Shrishti along with the cops enter the ICU to ask Mahira what happened with her. Preeta does a mistake to meet Mahira alone. Preeta has herself witnessed Mahira’s madness. Mahira accuses Preeta for trying to kill her by suffocating her. She asks inspector to arrest Preeta. Shrishti knows Preeta can never do such a crime.

Mahira gives the statement that Preeta had tried to kill her by pushing her in front of the truck and now she tried to kill her in the hospital too. Sherlyn asks inspector to not believe Preeta and save an innocent life. Mahira tells them that Preeta wants Karan and that’s her motive for the crime. Preeta asks Mahira to stop lying. Inspector finds it enough, since Preeta’s innocence is out of question now. Preeta tells inspector that her family will be in trouble if she gets arrested.

She promises to never step in Luthra house. She also tells that she has nothing to do with Karan. Mahira acts to faint. Ramona asks Inspector to just arrest Preeta. Preeta and Shrishti plead to the police. Shrishti tells that its Mahira’s planning to frame Preeta. Sherlyn tells that Mahira admitted the attack, she isn’t lying. She asks Inspector to arrest Preeta and end their drama. Preeta wants to prove her innocence. She fears Sarla’s reaction on knowing about her arrest again. She gets arrested.

Shrishti worriedly tries to get help for Preeta. Sherlyn and Mahira are happy that their plan worked. They are sure that Preeta will be out of their lives. Rakhi is worried for Mahira. Karan calls up Preeta for Dadi’s sake. Dadi thinks Preeta came into the family just because of her injury. She asks Karan not to call Preeta. Rakhi wants to visit Mahira. He wants to know why is Dadi asking him not to call Preeta. Dadi lies that she is fine and able to walk. Rakhi tells him that she will answer him later.

Kareena and Ramona want Preeta to go away soon. Shrishti challenges to get Preeta freed. Sherlyn thinks the matter got in her favor. She is happy that Preeta went to jail. She wants to handle Karan. Mahira can do anything to get Karan’s love. Sherlyn tells Mahira that Preeta won’t be proved innocent. She asks Mahira not to share their plan with Kareena. Mahira tells Sherlyn that she told a story to fool doctor. Sherlyn thinks Mahira wants all the credit. She asks Mahira to continue to act like a victim.

Moreover, Shrishti tells the inspector that he can take statement from more witnesses present at the accident site. Inspector doesn’t feel the need to investigate. Rakhi and Karan reach there. They don’t get to see Preeta getting arrested. Shrishti tells Inspector that Preeta is not a criminal. She wants to go with Preeta. Sherlyn feels like a winner. Karan calls Kareena to know about Mahira. Karan and Rakhi meet Mahira. Karan awaits Preeta’s call.

He gets a huge shock when he learns that Preeta is arrested for her accident. Karan and Rakhi can’t believe this allegation on Preeta. Shrishti calls home to inform about Preeta’s arrest. Shrishti tells the entire incident. Sarla gets a big shock knowing Sherlyn accused Preeta. She already knew that Luthras will play some game and trap innocent Preeta.

She wanted Preeta to be away from Luthras. Sarla pacifies Shrishti. She tells Biji that she wanted Preeta to avoid Luthras. Biji agrees with Sarla. She asks Sarla to save Preeta and get her home. Karan shows his belief on Preeta. Rakhi too feels that Preeta can’t try to kill anyone. Sherlyn tells Karan that Preeta pushed Mahira in front of the truck.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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Best Comment by Josephine:

This is too much like how much an innocent should be blamed. And when will the Luthras accept Preeta. When Sherlyn will be caught. So much of misbehaviour of the Luthras with the Aroras. It is enough. No one will tolerate so much of ill behaviour.


  1. Actually becoming too boring as always evil wins over innocent. Preeta karan & mahira it is really be coming too much were always preeta is blame.

  2. This is so repetitive. Again n again evil wins. And not sure whats the gestation period for Sherlin’s baby. She has been carry for more than a year. She celebrated all festivals right from Holi to Diwali while being pregnant. Doesn’t that complete the 9 month Human cycle? And Luthra’s are plain stupid people. Top of the list Karan Luthra. He keeps blaming Preeta for Rishabhs wedding coz he knows Sherlin is evil but after the wedding why has he not tried to expose her? Has he accepted Sherlin????
    Stop the evil and let some good happen.

    • stop the serial ekta kapoor has nthing to show y u people watch ekta kapoors serial o have stopped watching Hindi serial specially ekta kapoors. Unnecessary she draggggggg the serial

  3. Stop this nonsense yarr..itne bhi drama nahi chaiye hmae…like reality nam ki cheez toh kuch hai hi nahi …plzzz kuch acche dkhio..y jhoot bhut hi dekh liye hum audience na..now we want some good things happen ..

  4. This picture has lost it’s essence. Too much of the same thing over and over.sherlyn like she is going to be pregnant for the whole series no belly. A second of ungrateful characters against preeta. I don’t look forward to this picture anymore. Not interesting again

  5. Boring and it became just a waste of time watching .nothing good happy only repeat as tion if evil plan n evil always win.you are spoiling the mind of viewer better end the drama soon in good term

  6. This is too much always preeta get blammed for everything ,now Luthras should accept Preeta. Also Sherlyn and Mahira should be punished .So much of misbehaviour of the Luthras with the Aroras. It is enough. No one will tolerate so much of ill behaviour.

  7. I really enjoy this show but they have dragged this story line on WAY TOO LONG. I was still hopeful that Janki might remember what Prithvi and Sherlyn did to her (what was that – over a year ago already?) but there has just been too many things that have happened that it will be very difficult to get closure on ALL the things which Prithvi and Sherlyn have been involved with. There have been additional characters (like Rithvik and Monisha) whose story lines have come and gone and still no closure. And the biggest joke is that Sherlyn has been pregnant for forever and still is not showing – how is that possible? That kid is going to be born and be ready to start college at this point!!!

  8. I think every evil deed has an end but in this case evil has no end for God sake ????????????????? stop showing such a stupid n unbelievable thing .Is sharlin a human beings ? It is above one year has passed but there’s no sing of pregnancy ??????????? is she cow or buffalo .she dancing wandering on road but carry unknown pregnancy what a joke shame on producers m writer plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz ends the serial if u wouldn’t want come out of such stupidity ?????????????

  9. The most boring serial. Kept on repeting the story line from the beginning. Don’t know when truth of prithvi and sherlyn will come out. Makers have dragged the story.

  10. What’s wrong with the script writer why is it only one sided. When with they show something positive about Preeta and Karen
    It’s always about Sherlin’s victory to her evil ways. Come on show about the truth coming out , about Mr Luthra gaining unconsciousness and telling the truth. Show the truth about Sherlin’s pregnancy. About the false papers sent to Karen claiming alimony. There are so many unfinished issues you people are adding more to Preeta problems . Now the lies about the accident. When will there be a turn around when the ones laughing start begging and crying???????

  11. This series is the most annoying of them all. Karan’s father is still in coma for how long? In real life coma is supposed to last for 10 to 11days.. this story is just a repetition of kumkum bhagya. Peeta is always in trouble from season 1 to date. They should just wrap up the story. It is a waste of time and energy… every time evil win over good. What are the writers trying to say that life is mostly about bad times and no good times at all?

  12. True stories should be a half of wisely made actions. Here all are acting wise but behaving stupids. Even in real people with evil actions cannot be a winner always. Sure we need some sort of things for a story to extend. But it was wise if it was at times good to the innocent and good too.
    And Sherlyn need a turning point too ,the whole story can’t expose her with negativity.
    Mahira her first character do not match what she is now, but it’s cos she is afraid of loosing Karan.
    Overall all the characters do the best. The next scene will be either Peeta’s mom fighting in jail and the evidence from the public like CCTV or locals will be destroyed and Karan will bring out Preeta , with his regular attitude to her.
    Let’s keep watching and that’s what the seriel is made for.?

  13. This is too much now… Why always preeta should be blame? When preetas innocence will come in front of luthra family?… And when will sharlyn and prithvi’s lies come to an end… Please make the show interesting and not boring… After two three years you will declare preeta’s innocence?

  14. 2much of Preeta being accused,the drama is getting boring.Everytime Sherlin wins and easily blames Preeta.Can there b a change and something interesting 2 come up.BORING.

  15. At first the movie was interesting.,now boring it just goes in circles the movie is predictable preeta always gets blame the wrong that happens. Shirlyn get away, Pretvi never get caught

  16. Serial ka khichdi ho gya h….bs sherlien or prithavi ki chaal hi sidhi pd ri h….and ekta kapoor shyd bhool hi gai ki sherlien pragnent bhi h….agr bhool gai ho serials bnana than stop it yar

  17. Seriously this is becoming stressing whereas it should be entertaining. For how long will Preeta suffer and I thought good always wins.I couldn’t wait for this show to start but now I can’t wait for it to end plz writer or producer end this nonsense when will Preeta get her justice???


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