Patiala Babes Mini Neil encounter societal ruckus

Patiala Babes Mini Neil encounter societal ruckus

Patiala Babes Mini Neil encounter societal ruckus Neil, Mini and Arya have a celebrations at home. Everyone is happy. Arya reveals something that surprises everyone. Mini stops Arya for her stupidity. Arya wants Mini to marry Neil. She tells that Neil is Mini’s hero and they should marry. Arya is innocent and feels Mini and Neil like each other. She tells that Neil and Mini are hero and heroine. Kammo gets encouraged to taunt. Mini goes hyper. She shouts on Arya. Mini slaps Arya. Kammo taunts Mini and Arya. She tells Neil that Babita trapped Hanuman and Mini has trapped Neil.

She tells that even Arya is very clever to fix Mini’s alliance with the tenant. Mini asks Kammo can’t she digest food without taunting about Babita. Kammo tells that Babita stayed as tenant and married the house owner, now same thing is happening again. She says the girls in neighborhood can learn such things. Mini warns Kammo from interfering in her personal matter. She asks Kammo to mind her own business rather than sneaking into others’ lives. The party gets ruined. Neil stays speechless.

Neil tells Mini that its wrong to slap Arya in front of the guests, even if Kammo spoke ill about them, it doesn’t mean that she vents anger on Arya. Mini asks him not to teach her about handling her sister. She tells that she will decide what to do when Arya misbehaves and breaks limits. She wants to teach discipline to Arya. He tells that there are more ways to teach discipline, slap isn’t the only option. They have an argument. Neil will be understanding Mini’s pain. He falls in love with Mini, after knowing her life’s struggles. Mini doesn’t want to become a victim of society taunts.

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