Kumkum Bhagyya Snips Shakti Heer entry tonight

Kumkum Bhagyya Snips Shakti Heer entry tonight

Kumkum Bhagyya Snips Shakti Heer entry tonight Heer dances in her friend’s sangeet and wishes to meet her prince charming soon. Preeto comes there calling her and takes off dupatta from her head. Heer looks on. She scolds Heer. Later, Preeto asks Rohan to always protect Heer and never let her know her truth. She says both brothers shall take care of Heer. Rohan promises her. Soham plays with Heer. Heer is pampered by both her brothers. Preeto recalls Harak Singh’s condition that Heer shall not marry anyone. She finds tough to break Heer’s dreams. Heer is a dreamer and awaits her lover.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Malhar lets Sampada stay in his room with Moksh. Sampada thinks of fulfilling evil motive and plans to make Malhar have the drugged milk. She says once he drinks it, she will achieve her aim. Kalyani sees Malhar going to his room. She gets restless and she knows about Sampada’s evil intentions. Sampada gives the spiked milk to Malhar to make him drowsy. Malhar takes the milk from her hand and is about to drink it. Kalyani tries to stop him.

Kumkum Bhagya: Ranbir gets closer to Maya to make Prachi jealous, but little did he know that Maya is trapping him to separate him from Prachi, on Rhea and Aaliya’s order. Prachi sees them going inside and thinks what is happening? Maya comes up with a new idea to make Prachi more jealous which surprises Ranbir. Prachi sees them together. Meanwhile, Abhi lifts Pragya during the Lohri celebration and takes round with her.


Best comment on Kumkum’s last post by KC:
So right about how this story has been dragged out way too much. Maybe the producers want to keep the suspense and keep fans glued, but really, the show has become unexciting to look forward to. From looking forward to watching it everyday, now I watch it once a week to see if the main characters I have been waiting to unite finally have united. The writers can find ways to excite us by being more creative rather than make us uninterested. It’s time to end this dragged out suspense and let them reveal the truth and find other ways to keep the show exciting.

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  1. Kumkum bhagia is becoming one of the most boring soapies.its not worth watching anymore .good suppose to overcome evil.but in this case evil is over coming the good. This soapies is giving our youth the wrong ideas .This soapies is a very bad and wrong influence to our youth.

  2. I was a fan for this show that I won’t miss an episode .But nowadays just watching it whether Tisha have United….the plot is hanging in balance

  3. Aur ye kumkum bhagya me pragya aur abhi hajaron baar milkar v apni betiyon ko ek dusare se mila nhi pa rahen na photo dikha pa rahen ek dusare ko apni betiyon ki kitni buri tarah se ham darshakon ko vevakoof banaya ja raha hai es serial me aur 2 sal ka leap actor actress ki jeet ke baad kiya jata h lekin es show me aaliya ko jeeta gya fir leap aur ab fir use jitane ka baar 2 dikhaya jayega

  4. I had stopped watching in between than started watching again but now this suspense is getting bored. It’s too obvious that they are deliberately not making them meet. Atleast they should make 1 daughter or Aliya know the truth and the drama begins or some twist begins. They have lit of good plots in their hand. Why are they saving. They have to yet get the 3rd daughter kiara back. So why are they making kumkumbhagua bore. Now I watch once or twice a week with fast forward.


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