Kulfi Kumar Unexpected savior entry Lovely stunned

Kulfi Kumar Unexpected savior entry Lovely stunned

Kulfi Kumar Unexpected savior entry Lovely stunned Kulfi tells Sikandar that Lovely can come to them and catch them, then Lovely will throw her out. She asks Sikandar to come with her. He signs her that they have to stay back. She reads the alphabets to make words by his winking and connect to get the meaning. She finds this way to communicate with him. He tells her that Lovely is ruining his family and also the new company. He wants Kulfi to fight with Lovely. Kulfi understands that everything is happening for money. She wants to save him. Kulfi tells him that they will fight and win as well. She is determined and motivated.

Watchman informs Cutie that lift wasn’t functioning well, but is fixed now. Cutie wonders how did Kulfi go out if the lift wasn’t working. They try to find Kulfi at home. Lovely questions Mohendar about Kulfi. She threatens to kill Gunjan if Mohendar is helping Kulfi in some way. Kulfi comes there and faces Lovely. She tells that she won’t leave the house. She gets adamant and sits taking the idol in lap. The police inspector and staff gets scared to move Kulfi, since they don’t want to disrespect their Goddess by snatching the idol.

Inspector tells Lovely that they can’t help in this case. Kulfi scares them further that Goddess won’t forgive those who do wrong. Kulfi sings a spiritual song. Lovely places the idol back in the temple. She drags Kulfi out. Sittu Mama makes an entry on time. Lovely asks him to take away Kulfi and go away, since Kulfi isn’t wanted by them. Sittu tells that he won’t take Kulfi, since Kulfi is at the right place, at her father’s house. He tells that Kulfi has a right on the house, she is Sikandar’s daughter and would live with Sikandar. Beauty tells that Kulfi did much wrong. Lovely clears that she doesn’t want Kulfi in her family.

Sittu fights for Kulfi. He has come well prepared. Lovely tells him about Kulfi’s daring act, to get a random woman as her mother Nimrat. Sittu asks Kulfi if this is true. Lovely is glad that Sittu is scolding Kulfi for her mistake to make some stranger pose as her mother. Sittu tells Kulfi that there wasn’t any need to make anyone Nimrat, since Nimrat is alive. This shocks Lovely. He tells Kulfi that she should have called Nimrat home. Lovely asks what is he saying, as if he went mad. Sittu tells her that he has got Nimrat home.

He calls Chalu there. Lovely gets shocked. Beauty tells that they have the recording of Kulfi’s confession. Sittu tells that he is stating that the lady with him is Nimrat, then it means that’s the truth, he can also go for a DNA test. He tells that they make fun of relations always. He wants to make Chalu and Kulfi stay with Sikandar. Police refuses to help Lovely when Sittu is testifying Chalu/Nimrat’s identity. Mohendar is happy to see Kulfi getting a savior in time. Kulfi tells Sittu and Chalu about Sikandar, who needs treatment right away. Sikandar asks Kulfi to contact Dr. Jacob, who can cure him.

Best Comment by Jummy:

I really love the show but i am very disheartened by the continuous triumph of bad over good?what moral values should the kids pick from this,you guys have lost your focus,please end it nicely.

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  1. I like this serial very much h..but one thing sir..is it compulsory tad the o e who is week n poor shoul always suffer..they dont deserve happiness?plz wind up this serial with good moral.

  2. Dis amyra is so dumb I wonder y she can’t help kulfi and d way she don’t have d say of her own makes me want to beat d hell out of her all I want was her to help kulfi bit d dumb girl will stood without saying anything even if lovely is scolding and sending kulfi away,did she forgot how dey live at dat chawl like sister’s but now since her stupid mom came back she go back to her old ways atleast she should stop her mom from sending kulfi away since lovely used to listen to her word but dat dumb girl will just stand and a statue and breathing heavily without taking action,i hate when she said my dadda as if sikandar was her real father she don’t like d daughter of her
    foster father but she likes d father I don’t think dats love……..im seeing her fault more than anyone in dis whole thing

  3. My comment was removed like to know the reason please.. Find something new to keep series interesting.. Same things are happening over and over again. It’s like they running out of ideas.. Lovely seems untouchable making her look like God.. Every Indian programme got so many evil painting ugle pictures in other race thinking Indians live in this manner..

  4. The efforts of sikander went in vein as Amyra forgot everything what happened in chawl .The girl should defend her friend/sister kulfi who rescued her when she was kidnapped.The writer is depicting a character in such a way that wicked woman’s daughter will b wicked only.There should b some morale which will impact on the viewers.Please End should be in positive note.


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