Tellyreviews Spoilers Top 4 This week upcoming

Tellyreviews Spoilers Top 4 This week upcoming

Tellyreviews Spoilers Top 4 This week upcoming Bepannah Pyaar Kunti attacks Pragati. She doesn’t want to spare Pragati. Pragati gets hurt. Her best friend Sahas does aid to her wound. He wants to always support her. Sahas asks her how did she get hurt. She doesn’t want to answer. She lies that she fell from the stairs. He gets angry when she makes excuses. She wants to stay with Raghbir. He asks her if Raghbir important than her life. He explains her that she shouldn’t go there now. His mum also takes care of her. Sahas is happy to see Pragati with him.

Kunti has already poisoned Sahas’ mind against Raghbir. He wants Pragati’s happiness. Sahas goes for making a Mannat. Pragati reaches him to stop him from hurting himself. He is ready to walk on the hot burning coal. She doesn’t let him. She asks him what does he want. Sahas tells that he wants her. Raghbir witnesses their moment and fumes. Pragati is also left in shock.

Nimki Vidhayak:


Nimki has become CM. The news channel flash the breaking news. The family is happy for her. They celebrate Nimki’s unplanned success. She has defeated Ganga and Shukla by playing mind games. She is ready to face their evil. She wants to expose Ganga’s truth. She wants the criminals behind bars. Nimki wants her family to stay unharmed.


Mohini will be seen in her old avatar. She will hypnotize the family. Daima wants to tell truth to Ananya and Shiv. Amar joins hands with Mohini. He kills Daima on Mohini’s command. He is also evil and wants to kill Shiv. He wants Ananya. Amar believes that Mohini is a victim. He sympathizes with her. He doesn’t know that Mohini is herself a big evil figure. Mohini drags Daima to bury her. She keeps her secret. She feels she will get her powers back. She has taken Rudraksh from Shiv’s neck. She awaits Shiv harming Ananya. She wants to teach a lesson to Kamal and entire family.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Sampada taunts Kalyani for leaving Malhar. Kalyani has made the sacrifice just for Malhar’s life. She sheds tears and curses herself for breaking Malhar’s heart. She has given Malhar to Sampada. Sampada hurts her heart. She tells that she will help Kalyani in saving Moksh only if Kalyani leaves from Malhar’s life. Sampada blackmails Kalyani.

She separates Malhar and Kalyani. She tells Kalyani that she will plan another child with Malhar, so that Moksh gets a sibling to get a new life. Moksh needs a sibling to get bone marrow transplant. Kalyani is deeply hurt. Rachit has cheated Kalyan. She beats up Rachit. She calls the police to threaten Rachit. Atharv makes an entry in time and saves Kalyani from Rachit’s evil.

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Best Comment by Yasmeen:
Yes the way kalyani and malhar fall for each other was quite wonderful. Why can’t they find peace in their lives? At some point can’t they get together without any hassles? All zee tv shows are putting the main couple through too many trials. Please stop this and get going.

Kundali Bhagya


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