Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir arrested Looped drama begins

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir arrested Looped drama begins

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir arrested Looped drama begins Ranbir thanks Maya for the drinks. He feels strange after drinking the juice. Maya feels he didn’t get drunk by now. She drugs him further. She flirts with him. Ranbir stays humble towards her. He shares his love story and Prachi. He feels sleepy. He tells Maya that he is feeling really strange. He sees Prachi in Maya. Maya knows he loves Prachi. He asks Maya if she had spiked the juice. She tells him that its her magic. Maya tells him that she will blame him for molestation. Ranbir gets deeply shocked. Soon, he faints down. Maya calls Aaliya to tell her that she has completed her work. Aaliya asks Rhea to get ready for the action.

They rush to see Ranbir. Rhea worries for him. She feels bad for him. Maya hurts herself to prove that she is a victim. Aaliya asks Rhea to wait for the good results. Abhi promises to fix everything fine. He wants Pragya to come home with him. Pragya tells him that she will come home when she wants. She doesn’t want to keep his wish. Pragya apologizes to him and goes away. Abhi breaks down. Meanwhile, Vikram thinks Ranbir is busy with his love. Purab feels Ranbir loves Rhea. Meera has one-sided love for Abhi.

She feels helpless. She finds him lost and dejected. She wants to help him regain his lost smile. Abhi cries in loneliness. Meera worries seeing his tears. Everyone finds Abhi upset. Maya soon begins her drama to blame Ranbir for the molestation. She runs to the people and asks them to save her from Ranbir. Prachi, Abhi and Ranbir’s family get a huge shock on hearing the shameful accusation on Ranbir.

Vikram and Abhi try to defend Ranbir. Manager calls the police to get the culprit caught. Rhea gets panicking. Abhi agrees for the investigations, knowing Ranbir can’t be wrong. Rhea fears that Ranbir’s future will be ruined. Aaliya asks Rhea not to create the drama and let everything happen. She tells that Abhi will get Ranbir home after the arrest in few hours. She asks Rhea to get serious for her plans. Rhea feels bad for Ranbir. Pallavi and Vikram call Ranbir. They get afraid seeing the police. Maya tells the police about Ranbir.

Police arrests Ranbir. He forgets the incident. Prachi tells Shahana that she has seen Ranbir trying to kiss Maya against her wish. She doesn’t know if Maya’s claim is right. She tells that Ranbir was drunk, he maybe at fault. Shahana asks Prachi how can she not trust Ranbir. Prachi believes what Ranbir had shown her. The family worries seeing Ranbir arrested.

They call Maya a big liar. The police doesn’t want to spare Ranbir. Ranbir tells them that he is innocent. Aryan also thinks Ranbir made some mistake in drunken state. Vikram and Pallavi shout that their son is innocent. Abhi doesn’t know what to say. Pallavi breaks down. Vikram promises to free Ranbir. Ranbir shouts out his innocence. Inspector tells Ranbir that Maya had accused him for molestation. Ranbir gets angry on Maya. Abhi and family reach the police station to help Ranbir. Inspector tells that they have taken manager’s statement.

He asks Abhi and Vikram to teach manners to Ranbir. The media reaches there to add up more troubles for Ranbir. Abhi wonders how did the media reach so soon. The media gets unstoppable. The media questions Maya about the molestation. They click Ranbir’s pictures and insult him. Prachi runs to Ranbir’s rescue, even though she isn’t sure of his actions. Ranbir requests Maya to tell the truth. Maya lies about Ranbir. Rhea turns angry and tolerates it.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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Best Comment by Yasmin:

Kumkum bhagya is becoming one of the most boring soapies. Its not worth watching anymore. Good suppose to overcome evil but in this case evil is over coming the good. This soapies is giving our youth the wrong ideas. This soapies is a very bad and wrong influence to our youth.

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  1. You summed it up very well. We give a very bad image for the youth of tomorrow .. Especially when we talk about rape what .. Already that it is badly very badly judged in India .. And that in the series the proofs are easy to do but the truths is not shown and that the culprits are never punished .. Aliya who gives a bad plan to rhea .. That she a Holy Spirit person can conclude this kind of plan .. Frankly pitiful .. We chain the problem on problem but in the end my truth is not known .. So disappointing .. We want to abhigya together .. It’s good at some point we have to stop 1500 episode .. Worse prachi sees only the negative side of being revived. His testimony can go against him. And in this case the credit goes to rhea who orchestrated everything

  2. The stupid series ever… I think the director was crazy… No idea to run th gud story den just shut it out… Director do smething interesting..no new scenes… Nothing it was just useless…

  3. Yaar ye sb kya drama chal rha h…we want abhi pragya to meet their daughters….n wtf is going on… this is an stupidity now going on in a show….


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