Shakti Bepanaah Pyar Bahu Begum Colors Upcoming

Shakti Bepanaah Pyar Bahu Begum Colors Upcoming

Shakti Bepanaah Pyar Bahu Begum Colors Upcoming Preeto gives Heer’s responsibility to her brothers. Heer awaits her the guy of her dreams. She is very romantic at heart. She waits for a filmi entry of her hero who will steal her heart. The guys in the college like her and praise her looks. They tell that Heer’s brothers are so protective, that none can speak to her. Heer’s kinner identity isn’t known in the college. Even Heer doesn’t remember whatever happened in the childhood.

A guy in the college gets mesmerized seeing her. He confesses love to Heer in a filmi way by going on the roof top. He shouts his love for Heer, leaving her stunned. Her brothers fume in anger, since Heer isn’t allowed to fall in love. They don’t want any mess for their sister.

Choti Sardarni: Sarabjeet gets the terrible news that the donor has left the hospital. Meher and Sarabjeet are shocked to know that the donor refused for the transplant. The donor was the last hope for Param’s life. Sarabjeet sees the hope breaking. He also breaks down by the sorrow. He wishes to get a new hope to save his son. Meher can’t let Param go away. She had a relation with Param before accepting Sarabjeet in her life. They cry for Param and hope for a miracle.

Bepannah Pyaar: Sahas expresses his feelings for Pragati. Pragati worries for Sahas, since he is her best friend. She doesn’t want Raghbir to grow jealous of Sahas, who can never take his place in her life. Raghab grows much jealous seeing Sahas plotting to win Pragati. Raghav asks Pragati to look after Sahas, and stop sharing the matters with him. He has no interest in hearing Pragati and Sahas’ friendship tales. Sahas makes Raghbir more envious by his cheap plans to get Pragati closer.

Bahu Begum: Azaan proposes Noor for the marriage in a sweet way. Noor accepts his proposal, like she has been waiting for it since ages. Razia is happy for Azaan and Noor settling down. She wants them to move on in life, since Shayra will never return. The unthinkable gets possible when Shayra makes a shocking entry home. Shayra calls out Azaan and is happy to connect to him. Azaan, Noor and Razia are shell shocked to see Shayra alive.

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